Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sunshine in my eyes

You know what the best thing about sunshine is? Apart from a tan, generally happy people and lots of fun? Because it certainly won't be warm over here at this time of year. And it's really really grey today.

Well it's this. Have a look.

A reflection off a crystal. This photo wasn't taken at my house, it was something I noticed while at Boyfriend's parents' house last weekend.

Everytime I look at these photos I just smile. Honestly, is there anything more beautiful and enchanting?

Happy Saturday everyone - hope this brings you a little sunshine wherever you are! xx


Jennifer said...

It's beautiful, I have been thinking about hanging some crystals in the kid's rooms for just that type of effect.

The Girl said...

That's so pretty. My Mum has a crystal in her living room and it does the same thing. It drives Fred and Lily round the bend, they jump at the walls trying to catch the rainbows!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has a crystal suncatcher on her window that does this. Just magical!

Monica said...

hey remember the film Pollyanna?

PinkCat said...

Very beautiful. It's just the right thing everyone needs when we're light starved during the late autumn and winter months! x