Monday, 16 November 2009

Il est 5 heures... Paris s'éveille

Well ok, it was 6.00am and Petit Filoux got up. Not. Happy. Would much rather have stayed in bed thanks very much. Honestly, there should be laws in place that say if it's cold, wet and windy (we're talking wind that blows my umbrella inside out here) you should be allowed to stay and work from home. You shouldn't be made to get out of your oh-so-comfy-and-warm bed and battle your way to work. Ok ok maybe it wasn't that bad this morning (the battling to work bit) but you get my drift!

Anyway, you know what, I finished the shawl at the weekend. I finished it!!!! I'm soooooo pleased, didn't think it would be so quick, but I guess with 5.5mm needles and a simple lacy pattern, easy enough to remember, it was to be expected. And I'm ever so pleased with it. I thought I'd be happy to have it done and out of the way but the moment I drapped it over my shoulders I loved it. Not enough to keep it for myself though, but definitely enough to be happy to give it as a special Christmas present to my nan.



It's being blocked at the moment, so this is the non-blocked version, but it won't look much different as I quite liked it the way it was, so not a great amount of stretching.

Anyway, weekend was very wet and windy. Managed to get some nice flowers at the market though to cheer us up indoors and I can say it helped a little. What helped even more was thinking about my Christmas turkey. This may sound weird I know, but hear me out!!! Basically, I ordered it from a local farm, a free range bronze turkey, a happy turkey you know. And they definitely looked happy on Saturday, in the rain, roaming around in a field. I called to place my order but I just had to go and see them in person. I'm very pleased about my decision, I'm sure it'll taste much better than any supermarket bird. So there, my little bit to help the local economy!!


The Girl said...

The shawl looks lovely and it goes very well with that green t-shirt you have on there!

I bought some flowers to cheer myself up this weekend as well - lovely orangey/red roses, I saw them at a flower stall in town and couldn't walk past without getting some!

Jennifer said...

Love the shawl, it's beautiful. Great job, I'm sure you nan will love it. Your turkey is going to taste divine, nothing better than a happy turkey. Beautiful flowers, nothing's blooming around here, shame, as I would love some flowers in the house. Have a fantastic day.