Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The world is Orange

And I don't mean the phone company. I took a few photos over the weekend and realised a lot of them were mainly orange in colour. And seeing how rubbish the weather is out there, I reckoned you wouldn't mind having a look at them. A bit of colour happiness to lift up our damp and wind-swept moods. So here it goes.

I finished a hand towel for my mum. It's a christmas present, I hope she likes it. I thought it would look nice and cheerful in her kitchen. And I didn't even mean to block it on an orange tea towel. I'm telling you, it must be a sign of blog colour coordination!!!

I saw these little coasters at my Boyfriend's parents' house on Sunday. Thought they looked very happy. Maybe not terribly practical, but hey, there's got to be some compromise occasionally!!

I also took a few photos of a painting they have up. It's quite moderny but I like it. It reflects the sun in such a wonderful way don't you think?

Look at it catching the light, isn't it wonderful?

And finally, moving slightly away from orange to revel into beautiful reds. This is a tree they have in their lovely garden.

Isn't it wonderful? And have you seen that blue sky??!!!! Yes it does stop raining occasionally! Although all we seem to remember is the awful dark rain... so there, before I go, have another look at it, I just love it!! Have a lovely Wednesday all x


Diane said...

Gorgeous gorgeous colours - just perfect to pick me up on this dull day. Love the sahll that you have mad for your nan, and I'm going to have a go at the Apple and Cinnamon cake - 2 of my fave flavours. xxxx

Jennifer said...

Love all the orange, and that tree is gorgeous.

The Garden Bell said...

Love your orange dedicated post today. One of my very very first posts was about orange. Great pictures and variety of orange.

Felix said...

I love all that orange. Did you see the many yellows on the Herbivore knits blog the other week? This post reminded me of it. She called her post 'happy monday' and this delicious orange post is like a 'happy wednesday' thanks for all the lovely colour!

It's like a blogging rainbow.