Friday, 23 July 2010


Here we are again. It's Friday and goodness me I can't say this one has come quickly enough. Friday means happy me. This particular Friday also means pay day, which let's face it, means an even more happy me. Peter Rabbit is oh-so-nearly there, the flat is looking tidy-ish after a week of trying to sort things out (visitors tomorrow you see!), I even managed to squeeze in a bit of ironing this morning before work (honestly, the pile is bigger than me and I can't handle the thought of doing it all in one go - so little by little I'm making a dent in it). So there, no news really, but I'm just feeling content. Although I may not feel the same way at the end of today, I can feel a load of annoying stuff coming my way at work today..... grrrr I should have stayed in bed and enjoyed the day at home instead!!!!

Happy Friday to you all xx


Jill said...

Ironing - grrrrr. I need to start buying non-iron clothes. What a thankless task it is.

I hope your Friday passes without too many work hassles. Then you're into the weekend and spending quality time with your visitors.

Violet and I are off to Drayton Manor today to meet up with friends for their little boys 3rd birthday. I'm hoping it doesn't rain.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Jill x

The Girl said...

Hurray for Fridays!! Everyone knows Fridays don't count at work. That's just a scientific fact.

Good luck with finishing Peter and have a lovely weekend with your guests.

mooncalf said...

I can't possibly agree with you enough. Thank. Goodness. It. Is. Finally. Friday.

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