Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nearly there...

The cross stitch Peter Rabbit that is... Check him out, he's coming along quite nicely!

Although I must admit it would have been finished earlier had I not temporarily lost my needle on the train into work this morning!! Imagine me trying to look on the side of my seat and underneath it with people around, they must have thought I was mental!!!

Anyway, next step is deciding how I'm going to frame this, whether I'll get it done professionally with a bespoke frame (more expensive option) or whether I try doing it myself (cheaper but not necessarily the best!). The problem with doing it myself is finding a frame that's the right shape. I always find it really hard to find nice square frames, so I'm not sure what to do yet. Any ideas welcome!!


Jill said...

Phew - you found your needle. Some unfortunate person might have sat on it - ouch!!!!

Peter's looking good.

Framing is darn expensive isn't it? I've taken to making my little embroideries into Lavender Bags - a much cheaper option and very useful too (I'll be posting about a new one I've created very, very soon).

Jill x

The Girl said...

Go Peter!! Hate losing my needle on trains, as if crafting in public doesn't cause enough strange looks from people, losing your needle adds insult to injury.

I reckon you can do it yourself - we were all a little intimidated by doing the framing for our exhibition but we managed just fine in the end. Can't believe you can't find anywhere near London town that sells nice frames - we found them in Hull!

The Curious Cat said...

I love Peter Rabbit - so much so that I made Peter my favourite name. I used to day-dream that I would fall in love with a Peter (yes, I was a weird teenager) and I did in fact date two different guys at separate times called Peter, but they both turned out to be losers...sigh...

Thanks for your comments about the blog I wrote on life/mid-20's crisis. Still enduring that but coping! Don't we all just cope and try to get by as best we can? I read this post today over at the Tale Peddler blog that was very sweet and sentimental and it kind of made me smile and feel positive - it might help you too (if only for 5 mins!) See here:

Anyway...catching up with you now too so will move on to next post! xxx

The Curious Cat said...

PS Someone is going to have a sore bottom on that train! :) xxx