Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Still alive

Hello my dears! Well sorry for the quiet period, I really didn't mean to be gone for that long. Actually I didn't mean to go at all, but that's just how it is sometimes, isn't it? What with a mix of potentially being made redundant (again - I know, third time in 18 months), thinking of taking voluntary redundancy, actually looking into it properly and deciding it's not such a good idea after all (what the hell would I do instead? those bills aren't going to pay themselves unfortunately), not knowing whether I'll have a job for another couple of weeks, and then more fun stuff such as crochet and a recipe project on the go, I just haven't had the time or the inclination to come on to Petit Filoux. Nothing to do with you really, but I guess some depressing stuff I don't always feel like sharing with the world! On the plus side, I have been kept busy with friends visiting, planned weekends away, organising a long awaited holiday... so there, I shall be back, not sure when exactly, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, but there's one thing that's for sure, I love this little space too much to leave it all behind.

And you know what, I read somewhere that bloggers tend to post less during the summer when the weather is nice. Well as we all know, summer definitely does not necessarily equal nice weather in this country, and boy have we had a lot of sunshine recently. So I think there might be some truth to that. Indeed, picnics, bbqs, walks etc have been on the cards. Soaring temperatures have also meant lugging my camera around hasn't been at the top of my list.

So I guess an all round situation of being busy + hot + less exercise (I can't run when it's too hot!) + overeating + stressed at work + life's little ups and downs = one not so chatty Petit Filoux.

I'm sure you'll forgive me, won't you?

Now, I better love you and leave you, I still have some work to do - for now anyway! xx


The Girl said...

I was wondering where you'd gone! I've been missing you certainly.

So sorry to hear that things aren't going so well, especially with the redundancy, it's just awful that it's happened to you so often and also that it's just one of those things that are slightly out of your control somehow.

I hope you do find the inclination to come back soon. Obvs we're all still here waiting!

mooncalf said...

We'll not only forgive you but I think we'll all be hoping the grey clouds of worrying-stuff blow over soon and you have a 100% bright sunny forecast.

Fingers crossed!

Jill said...

What shitty news about your job situation. It must be an extremely worrying time for you. I'll keep my fingers very firmly crossed that not only your employment situation, but also your general outlook, improve very, very soon.

Take care.
Jill x

Lina said...

Completely forgiven. I generally find myself stepping away from my blog when things are crappy. Finger's crossed your job situation works out.

Lina x

Marie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the redundancy threat, that's such bad luck. Everyone has their dark times and need a bit of time away from blogland, so don't worry about not being around. We can all wait!

Ali said...

Sorry things haven't been the best for you,

Blogland is always deathly quiet over the summer - come back when you feel like it, but enjoy your break.

julie said...

sorry to hear about all you've got on your plate at the moment - I hope things sort themselves out happily for you. Jx

Simone said...

Come autumn most bloggers will be up and running again! I hope that it works out for you in your job. I have been made redundant on 3 occasions so I know how you feel. Try to stay positive and hopefully things will work out for you! x

The Curious Cat said...

Summer and lack of blogging...yes that makes sense! Sorry to hear about the treat of losing your job again - that sucks. These are rough times in the job world it would seem...I hope it all works out/has worked out...sometimes life can get pretty difficult before it can get better. I know I am some place sunny and different but I still worry about the future and what it is I truly want. I really need to stop worrying! Still, maybe it is human nature?! xxx