Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My gift to you

Some sunshine to brighten up your day. Because so far, this week has been rather grey and wet (well apart from this morning of course, typical!).

And looking at those sunflowers makes me smile on the inside. I find they help me relax and focus on what's important. And they make me giggle too, they are about the size of my head after all ;-)


Jill said...

Such happy flowers - I love sunflowers.

PinkCat said...

Just gorgeous and something I know I will never be able to grow in my somewhat shady garden.

What a colourful post! x

Em said...

Sunflowers are such lovely happy flowers.Beautiful!
Em xxx

michelle said...

Oh I love Sunflowers:) happy, happy flowers:)

If you want to see a whole field of sunflowers, have a look at
She has just been to France and took a truly lovely picture of them:)
Michelle x