Sunday, 18 July 2010


Is coming along slowly. I finished making the squares a while ago, I guess it must be a few weeks now at least. And since then, things have pretty much grinded to a halt. My excuse? The weather. The mentalissimo weather we've had until this week, the heat, the stickiness, the grubbiness. And the last thing I wanted to do on my commute home in that hot air-less train was to get my crochet out. That wool, man it's hot. You may be wondering what I was doing on my commute into work? Hmmm... resting my eyes! The heat, I tell you, it knocks me out!! So at the moment, I'm working my way through these neatly organised little piles, sewing the ends in... There's a lot of ends to sew, that's for sure... so it's taking me some time.

Organised little piles? What's that all about hey? No, I promise, I haven't suddenly developed an OCD, they're just organised in rows you see. I had the squares all laid out on our bed and spent about 30min arranging them, and re-arranging them, and re-arranging them again. And when I was happy with the layout, I took a snappy snap of it all (I'm afraid that one is for my eyes only, you really don't want to see the result of me standing on tip toes, arms as high as I can reach, trying to photograph something - hey I know, I could have reached for a chair, but I was waayyyyy too lazy for that!). After that, they got piled up in rows, ready for the neating up process to commence.

Next step? Blocking all these little buggers. But this might have to wait. All this crochet malarkey has made me forget one now-super-urgent project: this little fellow. Because this needs to be ready in... 3 1/2 weeks. Better get cracking then!


jane said...

Oh i love this so much! It's absolutely beautiful - you've made perfect use of the lovely wool, amazing. Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece when it's done. Whoooop.
Oh yes, and I'm dying of the hot hot heat at the moment too. I am but a puddle.

The Girl said...

Ugh. Blocking. Still can't bring myself to do it. And there are still ends to be sewn in to my blanket, I just couldn't face doing it. I didn't sew in the ends of my squares individually though, I tried to just weave them in during the joining together process.

And hurray for them being in piles! Organisation is KEY.

I hear you about the weather as well. Why did I learn to crochet at THIS time of year?!

Jill said...

I hate sewing in ends, but it'll be done soon and then you'll have a great snuggly blanket to show for all your hard work. Can't wait to see it all finished up and looking lovely.

Jill x