Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Here we go...

The blocking has started. Actually, I'd say it's in full swing. I think I can hear you gasping already. You feel sorry for me right? To be honest, I think I feel sorry for myself too. I mean, we're 12 down at the moment, 84 to go .... Don't wish me luck, wish me patience!!!


The Girl said...

Go go magic blocking skills. I think I need a detailed post about blocking. I've looked it up on t'internet but haven't found a good explanation of how to do it if you don't have a blocking board. Also. I need pins.

mooncalf said...

You Go Girl! You can do it!

Keep up the good work! Keep on trucking!

Go for it!

H said...

VERY impressive!!! looking forward to the finished article x

The Curious Cat said...

Looks pretty wicked! Can't wait to see it finished! xxx

Jill said...

I wish you all the patience in the World - good luck with the next 84.

It's gonna be great when it's finished.

Keep up the good work.

Sue said...

Blocking makes all the difference, well worth doing. Have fun with the rest!

In answer to The Girl's query - you don't have a board you can use towels or blankets folde to make a pad thick enough to take the pins.

michelle said...

Hahahaha, I wish you all the patience in the world!!!:):)

If its worth doing, its worth doing well and with LOTS OF PATIENCE haha!!
Michelle x