Saturday, 29 May 2010

Aïe aïe aïe

That's the sound my bank account made when I made a certain purchase in a certain little town near the Brecon Beacons. Want to know more? Well I guess it all started with this.

Everywhere. Sheep with lovely yarn coats e-ve-ry-where. I couldn't take it. I just had to have some, only now the real sort. I'm sure you know where I'm going here. I just couldn't leave the land of sheep without some yarn. Hence the start of an expedition to find a decent wool shop and let me tell you it was no easy feat. Oh no. But my search came to a stop when we paid a visit to a lovely little town, now very famous the world round for its book festival. Hay-on-Wye. A lovely, lovely place really. We were there a couple of weeks before the said festival and it was so peaceful and quiet, but not dead, just a few people wondering around, looking through the thousands of books this place contains. Anyway, back to the main topic of this post. The reason why I'm knitting my table runner like a mad woman. I want to start touching some of this.

Isn't it beautiful? All pure wool, or a blend of wool, alpaca, llama and silk. All natural colours. Now I do love what some of you do with colour, but I do have this irresistible attraction to natural colours too. Honestly, the joy I get from buying yarn like this is high up there with other more basic pleasures in life (I'm sure you get my drift!). And the plan for all this? A crocheted granny square blanket of course!

Wouldn't you want to bury your face in this? I have and I can tell you, it's proper lush :-)


Lina said...

Proper lush you say? Now there's an expression I haven't heard in a long time! It does look rather good....

Jill said...

I thought you were supposed to be cleaning, not burying your face in a shed-load of wool! :0)

I can understand why your bank balance has reduced considerably, that wool is fab. I wouldn't have been able to resist either.

So you'd recommend Hay-On-Wye? Think my other half would could spend an entire week in that Book-shop.


suzanne said...

Wow! That yarn looks amazing! I am totally with you on the yarn love - a blanket is just the thing to really showcase it - are you planning different stitches for each square? A mixture? Plain? I love that expression "It's proper lush" takes me back to my youth growing up in the west country.

lovethosecupcakes said...

When I started reading your post I thought you were going to tell us you'd bought a sheep! Gorgeous yarn you have there, the makings of a lovely blanket.

The Girl said...

I'm all for burying my face in yarn. The blanket's going to look great I'm sure, very rustic and classy, unlike my garish number!