Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It's yogurt time

Do you ever get that feeling when you want to swap lives/ house/ job with another blogger? I had a bit of that when I was reading Sue's blog over at The Quince Tree the other day. I had the wanties big time. Want to know what I had to have, like there and then? Please don't laugh. It's really cool. A yogurt maker!! Sue explained how easy it was to make it, and with the affordable price of the machine, that was more than I could take. So off we trotted down to this shop on Saturday. And guess what? It worked. All I put in was 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt and 900ml skimmed milk. Oh my. This is super lush, honestly!!! Please don't think this is yet another kitchen gadget. I'm determined to make this part of our life and kitchen routine. For 3 reasons really:
  1. we know exactly what we're eating and it's low fat. No added preservatives or colourings. Just lots of friendly bacteria, skimmed milk and homemade jam
  2. we are cutting down on waste by not buying yogurt pots which we can't recycle where we live
  3. we are reducing our food bill because making yogurt this way is a lot cheaper than buying it ready made

I mentioned jam because that's what we use to flavour and sweeten the yogurt. And I have a few pots of plum jam left from last summer! But it means that the yogurt that's produced is simply natural yogurt. Which means it can be used in curries. Oh my. We all know how much I love curry. Result :-)

And all this means I finally have a use for these super cute pottery yogurt pots I'd brought back from France about a year ago now. Can you believe they sell yogurt in the supermarket in these out there? Too cute, that's for sure.

Anyway, want to know where I'm off now? A crochet class. Yes yes yes I've taken a day off and I'm going to pretend I'm a lady of leisure!! Work, me? Never!! Haha!!! Had days to take since I worked over Easter in Dubai, and when I saw my local John Lewis was hosting a crochet class, I just couldn't let it pass... More on this later!! xx


jane said...

Enjoy the crochet, you must report back with how you get on. Leisurely indeed! Sounds great.
And the yoghurt looks delicious - I love the pot too.

Jill said...

You and The Quince Tree have got me a thinking that maybe, perhaps, this family needs a Yogurt Maker too. We eat tonnes of the stuff and I too put it in curries. Though sometimes I think we also need an ice-cream maker - Violet even asks for it for breakfast!

Enjoy your crochet class, lady of leisure, it sounds like fun.

The Girl said...

YES join the Crochet Cult!! DO IT DO IT!

Oh to have a John Lewis near me....*sigh*

Yoghurt maker sounds too cool for words, and hell if I can make my own soup now, why not my own yoghurt?! Oh the horizons you are opening up to me.

Ragged Roses said...

Home made yogurt and plum jam, now you've got me wanting one too...
Enjoy your crochet.

Maria♥ said...

Wow, I didn't even know there was a machine out there to make yoghurt, how great!

Enjoy your class.


Em said...

I think you've convinced me that I need one of these yogurt makers too!!!!
Report back soon about the crochet class..
Crochet is brilliant I've been totally addicted to it for almost a year now and nothing usually holds my interest that long!
Em xx

Sue said...

Vous avez fait du yaourt! C'est génial! Je recommande ce livre- Mes Petits Pots de Yaourt par Cathy Ytak.

Sue xx