Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Slow motion

Talk about finding it hard to get back into the swing of things!! I've been meaning to get back onto this blog for a few days, and then always find some other distraction/ excuse... I don't know what's been going on really, I see things and still have the "ooh-this-would-be-great-on-the-blog!" feeling but then I never get my finger out and bother taking a photo of said thing/ item. In all honesty I've been a little down since coming back. For several reasons really.

First of all, the weather has been fairly miserable and after waking up day in day out for a month to pure hot sun, it's a little difficult getting back into the swing of things. Let's face it, it's baltic out there today.

Secondly, I've come down with a cold. Think constant rather repulsive sneezing and a red potato for a nose. Not my sexiest look.

Thirdly, I've put 1kg back on. I went for 2 runs and a session at the swimming pool last week, but my ferocious eating habits have crept back on me and it's hard to fight back. I don't want to let things slip, I'm feeling so much better for this little bit of weight loss, I don't want to ruin it all but it's hard. It just never gets easy does it?!

Fourthly, Boyfriend and I have been arguing a lot lately. Now we're more of the arguing type anyway, we have very differing opinions on a lot of things, but I think that's ok. But recently, well, not so ok. Tiring arguments. Simply unnecessary but very stressful and mood sapping nonetheless.

Finally, work is back to the same old crap and this morning I was wondering whether handing in my resignation was a wise move. [Note to self: this is never a wise move when all you really want is a day off sick, in bed, with a hot water bottle for company instead of annoying colleagues]

So there, sorry for the interlude, I hope to get back to proper blogging very soon indeed. I have so much to show you, not only my Dubai photos, but also photos of a little day trip we did yesterday, a little bit of crafting, some culinary experiments (I emphasize the use of the word experiment here, it doesn't always come out looking like in the cookbook, I have proof!). And I want to get myself into gear soonish because we have a week of holiday looming - I honestly can't wait! - but that means more blogging break and more photos to show! You never know, I might do the unimaginable and come back tonight with another post. Don't hold your breath though. I'm being cooked the Boyfriend special - spaghetti bolognese - and have an evening of Waterloo Road on i-player ligned up - priorities, priorities. ;-)


jane said...

Lovely to see you posting but sorry to hear you've been feeling drained. There must still be a bit of jetlag in the system, and a culture shock on coming back as well. Rush not! Glad you've got some holiday coming up - get well soon and take care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing some photos when you have some time :)

Simone said...

Don't worry. You'll soon get back into the swing of things. Once you get over your rotten cold you will soon feel more optimistic! I have just looked at your previous post. Gorgeous photography! x

Liz said...

Sigh! I know how you feel. I never feel like blogging when things are a bit crappy - especially when it's something you can't share on the blog. It's very difficult to be bright and breezy when you don't really feel that way.

Jill said...

Perhaps this week away will do you the world of good, especially if the weather stays fine, which I'm sure it will.
Colds tend to come along when we're feeling alittle low, so a dose of happiness will surely cure your runny nose and maybe even blow away this small cloud of melancholy that has decended.
I'm sure that all your blog readers want you to be happy and well, and if that means a break away from blogging for a time, then we'll perfectly understand.
Find your happy place again Petit Filoux and get your mojo back :0)
Best wishes
Jill x

Ali said...

Sounds like you really need a sick-day. I hate it when work feels crappy - makes everything else feel bad too.

Sarah said...

It's horrible when you feel like that - I think we all get it at some point. You're right, it doesn't help when you have a cold and the weather is so rubbish. I'm sure you'll be back to full strenghth soon!

The Girl said...

Sounds like you have a huge case of back-to-reality blues. Like holiday blues except you obviously weren't on holiday in Dubai. I think when you have any kind of prolonged break away, when you come back there's always a period of readjustment - hell I only had a week off last year when we went to France and midway through my first week back I was ready for killing myself and everyone else around me!

Hopefully everything will settle down soon. Try not to worry about the weight gain, you've only put it on because you lost it so quickly in the first place, once you stabilise yourself it'll drop off again.

Heather said...

I should imagine that it will take a while to settle back down to life-in-England after being in SUCH a different place for a while. It can be a real let down coming back imho, like when I came back from my honeymoon I was sooooo unhappy and really grumpy and hated coming back to my normal life. It was just all exactly the same as before, I felt that because I had changed everything else should have had the decency to change as well.
You'll get sorted soon enough :)
Lots of love xxxx

The Curious Cat said...

Oh dear...sometimes life is just no fun at all... I know they feeling so well... even when you plan fun stuff like I have you can get nervous and feel unsure of what you're doing and if you should be doing it etc etc and where is it all going blah blah blah...and then you start missing your ex a little...life is never a piece of cake...just gotta grit your teeth and get on with it but seek out as much happiness as you can each day xxx