Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Exploring our surroundings

Thanks very much ladies. Your comments to my last post were so kind, I'm sorry I may not have been my normal self lately but in a way I'm glad I got it off my chest. Feel so much better for it! And now that I've made a list, in a way I feel like I can work my way through it in a more organised way and sort myself out. It'll all be ok, it might just take a few more tissues and some worn out trainers ;-)

So, back to today's post. Last Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK and we tried to make the most of it. Nothing really properly organised though. Think more of a spontaneous effort, breakfast lounging around, checking train times, realising we could get one if we left within the next 15min, ensue frantic washing/ drying/ putting clothes on/ getting train tickets together/ camera/ tissues etc. Only in that 15min, we didn't plan for the weather. We saw a bit of sunshine and rather stupidly expected it to be warm. Boyfriend wore shorts. Yep, that was our downfall really. The day unfolded, with a mixture of sunshine and very low temperatures alternating with hail showers. Not what we had in mind.

But we were not defeated. We even had 99s (you know the ice creams with flakes). It was seriously lush. I mean by that point, we were so cold anyway, an ice cream wasn't going to make much difference ;-) Oh yeah, and that was after some fish and chips (maybe that's where my extra 1kg has come from!!).

But anyway, we had a lovely time and saw some very pretty things indeed. We went to Ely by the way, can't believe I didn't think to mention that before! I'm sure some of you might have recognised the cathedral though (£10 to get in though, I don't think so!). So only photos of the outside I'm afraid! ;-) Yeah I can be quite tight like that!

It was quite an interesting place really, with obviously a lot of history (we visited Olived Cromwell's house and felt all the more clever for it!), but with rather bland looking shops. And so many French people around!! Honestly, are we all over here in England? Sometimes I wonder if France is empty on the other side of the channel...!


The Girl said...

Those photos are lovely, we had the random hail showers too on Monday!

£10 is just a ridiculous price, same reason I've never been in York Minster - I know they cost a lot to keep up but you'd get way more people in if you charge half the price and probably end up with the same amount of money!

Jill said...

Ely looks a lovely place to visit. Thanks for showing us around.

On the Ice-Cream front - I can eat it any time of day no matter what the weather - I love the stuff. Though I'm a scoop lady, never whip :0)

Perhaps you should keep a backpack by your front door, already packed with wet/cold weather gear (and chocolate of course), that way you can just grab it and run out of the door. It works for me. Mine's also got a bottle of Water and some Factor 50+ in it too - because you never know. (Gosh, I sound like a mother hen).

The Curious Cat said...

So many beautiful places in the forget...I need to get out and see more of the country! xxx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Ely is beautiful and must have been perfect with fish and chips ! So much better than a cream tea .

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

France is definitely not empty, I have just returned. I cannot believe that it is £10 pounds to get into the cathedral..I have just been inside Notre Dame and it is free.

I came over via Quilt while you're ahead blog ..