Friday, 28 May 2010

If you dislike animals...

Look away now (and may I ask, what the hell is wrong with you??!). Because this post is going to be heavy with super cuteness.

It all started with these lovely plump ladies. So cute and so bold, not scared at all to come near us when we were having breakfast to check if there were any crumbs going spare. And let me tell you, they gave us the most wonderful eggs ever (note to self: add chicken to the list of things I want to have in my imaginary house when I'm rich and famous - actually, forget about the famous bit, just rich'll do).

But then we quickly moved on to these little guys (this is them eager to get out of their barn in the morning).

Obviously, when we booked the cottage, we had no idea we'd have seven little balls of fur to entertain us all week. They definitely helped to make our holiday the success that it was.

They started out so cute, I mean just look at them!!! They'd get all excited when they'd see us, we'd play around for a bit, and then they'd just fall asleep by our side. I had to stop myself from smuggling a couple in my suitcase home.

They were all so little and fluffy, with their new baby teeth. But you know what, and I know this is probably old news to all of you who have a dog, but what changes can occur in a week!! By the end of our stay we were struggling to keep them off, those little buggers' teeth had become rather sharp and could do some damage I can tell you!

And then we became very good friends with these two. What a pair. Cuddling each other all the time and coming to say hello every morning and evening when we came back from our adventures. The white one in particular was just so so cute. He'd come and watch TV with us in the evenings sometimes, or just hang out with us when we were having breakfast outside. I nearly took him home as well.

And last but not least, by far the most entertaining of all. The Pig. Now, this is no ordinary pig. Well I guess it was pretty ordinary in the sense that it would actually eat anything you threw at him (although we were trying to make him healthy by giving him old apples and oranges that were past their best - he was definitely having more than the recommended 5 a day). But it was rather special to us because it made us laugh no end. It's difficult to explain really, guess you had to be there, but I'm sure you'll see what a character he was from the photo below. That's him after having escaped from his enclosure and running riot around  the chicken and the pups. Classic. I lured him back to his pen with some apples. Go me. Although that was after he tried to chew one of the puppies!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little post, I hope I didn't bore you to death! But if I learnt something from this holiday, it's that I definitely no doubt whatsoever want to live in the countryside. Not necessarily in the middle of nowhere, just somewhere with plenty of space. Plenty of space to keep a couple of dogs, a couple of cats, some chicken and a pig of course ;-)


Jill said...

What a lovely post - you know I'm an animal lover. Those puppies and the pig were super cute. The only thing missing for me were ducks and a donkey!

Have a lovely weekend.

mooncalf said...

Aww the puppies!! You are a better person that I if you resisted taking one home.

The Girl said...

Can't.....comment....head exploding....from the cuteness.....BOOM!

And I'm dead from cute overload.

Laura said...

Cute cute cute!! I loved these pictures. Puppies look soooo cute. That pig is also a fantastic creature to look at - I wouldn't want to argue with him!

Have a fabulous weekend.


Rachel said...

Ahhhh! Those puppies are the cutest things ever!!! My son would have absolutely loved it there, he adores all animals!
R x

The domestic novice said...

Those are too cute for words. Had the hens just finished their game of rugby?

Right - where is this cottage...?

suzanne said...

How could you leave!?
That pig is hilarious with it's curly hair!

H said...

details on the cottge please!!! stayed in a cottage once on Inis Maein (west of Galway, Ireland) with four crazy chickens, a veggie patch to look after and a black kitten to curl up with... best week ever x