Friday, 30 October 2009


It's the end of the week.Well not quite there yet, but almost!!! How's your week been? Are you all doing something for Halloween? I expect people in the US are a lot more into it that we are here in the UK, but I guess if you have children you've probably been planning for this for a few weeks already, wherever you are. As I've mentionned before, we're off to Bath tomorrow and we'll be going to a Halloween party. Neither of us are really into fancy dress, but we're going to make an effort and buy something tomorrow like fake teeth or something!

Anyway, sooooooooo many things to do before then! I started the Christmas cake last night by soaking all my nuts and dried fruit in the juice of an orange and lemon and some sweet sherry. It'll all going to get cooked this afternoon. Yes you read right, I did say afternoon. It's the last Friday of the month so I get to go home early! We call it POETS day. Does anyone else have the pleasure of doing this? We haven't had it for long - I think they put it in place to smooth the fact that we've taken such a hard blow with redundancies and the pay cut. So anyway, it means I've got a few hours to cook my cake before we go out for a meal tonight for Boyfriend's birthday. His family's coming over for that so it should be really nice.

Back to the cake. If you're interested (let me know!), I can give you my recipe. It's a mix between several I've found in different places and made to my taste, so I guess it's slightly different but it's definitely very nice. While it's in the oven, I've also got to finish Boyfriend's birthday cake but I can't say anymore about this at present because he's one of my regular readers!! So there, I'm going to be busy busy busy.

Right. That's it for the news. Now onto something crafty. I thought I'd mention this today. It's pretty random I know, but I felt like showing you, I hope you don't mind! A while  back, I bought myself a little folder to store knitting patterns I'd found either on Ravelry or on the internet. I wanted something different, that I could put my stamp on, so I bought a plain cardboard folder . I then went on to decorate it with various types of ribbon.

What do you reckon? Of course, I had to find somewhere to put my little 'seal'. Everything I make (such as cards) always gets this little stamp on the back. Here it made more sense to have it on the inside. Can you see it?

I looooooove cats you see, so it made sense to pick this as a trademark. Don't you think it's really cute?

Well, have a lovely weekend everyone, see you next week! xx


Jennifer said...

How nice to have a little extra time this afternoon. Good job on the folder, it looks really pretty. Have a great weekend.

The Garden Bell said...

Well, isn't this fun. Love the colors.

I must be British in a past life. I'm just like you and could past on this holiday. Now, Christmas and the winter decor is much more my style. But, yes there are those in the U.S. that take this Haloweeeeeen season way too seriously. Orange and Brown = yuck.... Red and Green = Happy Camper

The Girl said...

The folder is FABULOUS and naturally I am loving the stamp - hurrah for cats!!

Have a lovely weekend in Bath. Looking forward to hearing about it when you return!

PinkCat said...

I have a photo album just like your folder and it's great. I love your folder - I'm sure it will contain lots of nice things to do.

Hope you had a very nice earlier finish yesterday! We could go early but somehow I only managed to leave 10 minutes before normal. Bizarre - most days I'm usually desperate to dash out the door!

Happy Weekend! x