Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fire, earth and water

Fires. Lots of them. Couldn't get enough of them during the holiday. So every time we were in a pub, I'd make sure we sat next to it. What pleasure!!! I know it's only October, but I love fires, they're pretty strange in the sense that once you start looking at them, you just can't look away. They have this hypnotising power, it's really quite odd. The power of fire I guess.

Apart from flames, a few things caught my eye during the holiday. Rocks. Now I don't think I've ever mentionned it, but I'm a geologist by training. This means I LOOOOOOVVE rocks. Don't think it's sad, I think it's just a pre-requisite if you're going to be a geologist! I love looking at them, touching them, actually I also love collecting them, so I usually come home with a bag full of them. This time I got carried away with shells, but more about that some other time! So back to rocks. Apart from the cliffs that line the coast around Sheringham and Cromer, most of the rocks that crossed my path were in the form of pebbles. Lovely rounded pebbles. Absolutely everywhere. And that's because they were used to build houses in the area. So there, what do you reckon? I'd love to live in a pebbly house!!!

Occasionally they were all spiky. Probably just larger bits of flint broken up to make up walls. Love them too, but a little too sharp to touch!

Now, to finish off the post for today, we're onto water. We've done fire and earth (the rocks!). I'm saving all my lovely photos of beaches and the sea for tomorrow (because I haven't decided which ones to show you yet!), so when I say water, I don't mean the sea. No, I mean the type that you drink. And not the plain sort either. The type that you add to a tea bag or coffee grains and sip with a slice of cake on the side. Let me tell you we had plenty of those during the holiday!!! It's quite a funny thing really, because I'm not usually one to drink tea or coffee. I'm usually quite happy with cold water. But on holiday, it's a completely different story. You can't stop me drinking the stuff!!! And that might be one of the reasons for my current chubbiness, you see, I like it sweet... not like 2 teaspoons type of sweet, but still, a little sugar in my tea or cappuccino makes me happy! So there, here's a little picture summary of tea parties we had (remember you can always click on the photos to make them bigger should you wish to!).

This one is of the tea and cake tray you would get at the lovely b&b Boyfriend booked us in for my birthday. So nice, I could so get used to this...!

This one was taken at a lovely coffee shop in Holt.

This one is from a funny place near Holkham Nature Reserve, a pub/ restaurant with colonial decoration (think Indian style, soft cushions, large fruit bowls, immense flowers)...

And finally this, a cosy pub along the coast, I'm afraid I can't remember its name, but it was very pretty!!


The Antidote said...

Ooooh! we holidayed all around there in the summer, and a couple of weeks ago because we loved it. I feel like North Norfolk is a little secret place of loveliness x

PinkCat said...

I love your pebble picture - it looks so pretty. It would make a gorgeous canvas for a bathroom!

(The tea and cake looks lovely too!) x

Liz said...

I love making a ceremony out of tea and cake - it's why I always use a fork.

whoatemycrayons said...

Holkham is just lovely, that's what I call a beach. Great tea shots, you can't beat a nice cuppa on holiday. Why is it that it always tastes different?

Petit Filoux said...

I know it's a strange thing really... I'm glad to see that the north Norfolk coast is a popular holiday destination!