Friday, 16 October 2009

Plain sailing

Today's all about boats. Don't go, not yet!!! I promise it won't be boring!! Well unless you absolutely can't stand the sight of boats of course. But give me a chance! I wouldn't consider myself a boat person at all. Don't really like being on boats for that matter. But I found myself feeling quite enchanted by the sight of them, peacefully waiting for their owners, lost in the middle of sand banks waiting for the high tide to return, or on the contrary, one amongst several lost in the shallow waters of this spectacular gravity-induced water movement.

I especially like the ones in the top of the mosaic (click to enlarge!). They were all solitary boats, but didn't look out of place in the slightest. Quite magnificient actually. The photos were taken in a variety of places, from Wells-Next-the-Sea through to Sheringham, via Blakeney Point.

By the way, it's not important really, but I tried to post this message automatically and failed miserably!! I knew I'd be out of the office all day and tried to set it for 8am but somehow it didn't happen... has this happened to anyone before? Anyway, it's now Friday evening, so happy weekend to all!!! Hope everyone has a great time, whatever you're up to! xx


Jennifer said...

I think the boats are beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing all the photos with us.

Liz said...

I didn't even know you *could* set a timer to post automatically. I love the little boats photos. I don't sail myself but I adore small boats from reading Arthur Ransome's sailing novels.

The Garden Bell said...

There is no way I would go. I looked at each and every one of them. Not living near the sea, I will take any kind of sea, boats and water I can. Absolutely, devine.