Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Autumn colours

Good afternoon all!! First of all, thanks very much for your encouraging messages yesterday. It's so nice to know that you're not the only one feeling the way you do, it can be such a struggle at times! But anyway, one day has gone by and still no crisps or muffins!!! I feel thinner already ;-) - and yes, I'm planning on going to a class tonight - make way girls!!! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Now, lets get back to business!! I've decided to start my holiday show down with some flower photos. I think people always like to see nice flower photos, it brightens your day doesn't it? Well it certainly does mine, and I never tire looking at them. I hope you feel the same! So there, sit back and enjoy while I decide which photos will make it in my other holiday photo categories later this week!

I thought these looked wonderful and the colours were so so full on, so deep, nearly too strong for autumn, but definitely perfect on a sunny October day after all.

And these were a lot more mellow, more autum-ny, but still so terribly beautiful. I love the one in the top right hand corner, it was a seaweed growing in huge amounts near Brancaster beach  sorry my mistake, Boyfriend reminded me this was at Holkham Nature Reserve. Do let me know if you know what it is! xx


The Garden Bell said...

Such lovely fall colors. I really digging this last mosaic, such a beautiful color of pink. De-lish.

The Girl said...

Love the photo of the fushia. Unfortunately that's about as far as my nature repertoire extends so I can't help you out with identifying the seaweed one!

Hope the class goes/went well!