Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vital statistics (a big ta-dah!)

Dimensions: 135cm x 95cm

Weight: 1.27kg

  • 10x 50g natural silver jacob wool
  • 10x 50g natural jacob aran wool
  • 2x 100g 80% wool, 10% llama, 10% alpaca (in two different colourways)
  • 1x 100g 70% wool, 25% alpaca, 5% silk 

Number of squares made: 96

Rows of edging: 3 in total (first one with clusters of three trebles, second with clusters of two trebles and final one with clusters of four trebles)

Time spent (approximate of course):
  • 23 hours making the squares
  • 8 hours sewing in the ends
  • 2 hours setting up the blocking
  • 8 hours assembling it all
  • 3 hours making a border

You know what I'm talking about? Do you really? Let me show you!!!!

I L.O.V.E IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It fits nicely on a single bed and is so warm to snuggle in!!! It's got a high wool content, so a fairly high itch factor, but it's a hot blanket, meant to be used in the winter when you should be wrapped up in clothes anyway, so I don't mind! And it's mine all mine, my first ever blanket!!!

Thank you Wales for this wonderful yarn, it reminded me of my wonderful holiday in the Brecon Beacons earlier this year. I'll never forget this trip!!

Me + Go Caerphilly blanket =


Heather said...

It's beeeeeaaautiful! <3 well done, it's such an achievement. I bet you're going to love snuggling under this this winter.


Jill said...

I'm in ♥ with it too - it's really beautiful.

Well done you - all those hours of crocheting, sewing and blocking have created the most fantastical blankie, and a fab reminder of your time in Wales.


marlene rodrigues said...

So many work and time!
But the result is worth it all!!
it´s beautiful and I love the colors!

clarabelle said...

That blanket is GORGEOUS!!! Love Love Love the colours. Well done you

Hazel said...

WoooT!!!! Love your blanket!! xx

Lina said...

Really lovely. And statistically very interesting for a non crocheter. I never realized how long sewing in the ends and the assembly part took!

Lizzy said...

WOW!!! It is wonderful, bet you can't wait for it to get cold so you can snuggle up under it!

The Girl said...

Oh my goodness it's beautiful! Aaah you must be so proud of it. Do you keep walking in and staring at it? That's what I did with my first blanket.

It's so lovely and grown up as well, I would like to make a sophisticated little number as a counterpart to the crazy colourful one I already have going on.

Do you have the blanket bug now?!

ana said...

It's a lovely blanket - those neutrals works really well as granny squares. Well done you :¬)

Ali said...

Wow, WOW! That is a big ta-dah - I love your use of neutrals. That's a heirloom blanket for sure.

mooncalf said...

Fantastic. I love your blanket and your use of the natural colours of the wool. Really lovely and a wonderful souvenir of your trip!

Where the nodding violets grow said...

What a great blanket. I love it. The colours are lovely and it looks really snuggly. Well worth all of the hard work.

jane said...

Yippeee, it's lovely! Looks so warm and cosy and you must feel so proud for finishing it. Yay :)

The Curious Cat said...

Yummy food going on below there and gorgeous blanket - your house looks like the place to be this winter! :) xxx