Friday, 8 October 2010

Books cont.

First and foremost, I wanted to say I didn’t mean to offend anyone with yesterday’s post. God knows I’d love a great old bookshelf myself (and I’m getting there to be quite honest). When I mentioned egocentric tendencies, I was really thinking about those people who have large bookshelves with lots of fancy books and classics that have obviously never been read. There are those that have much loved bookshelves, and others who obviously just want to show off. Two very different types of people! I love the idea of using your bookshelf as a library like Mrs Thrifty, exchanging books with friends and family. If only my friends and family lived closer to me!! And of course, I should have mentioned Jill’s great idea of book swapping for free. I guess my behaviour is more and more directed at trying to be environmentally friendly, and falling less into the consumerist trap; reading books from the library is a little like buying stuff from charity shops. Some have been well loved and in the end, I’m helping to save some trees right?

Anyway, my spending habits are far from being environmentally friendly at all times. I did recently indulge and buy myself three books. Three, I know it sounds a bit much, but they’re French books that I couldn’t in my libraries. (You’d be surprised at how many foreign books they have though!). Well, how could I resist? I love the covers, they all portray different atmospheres and I can’t wait to get stuck in. No, I wasn't judging those books by their cover, but since I couldn't buy the whole Zola collection, I guess it might have helped!

But before I get stuck in, I really should finish this first.... or maybe not, I'm not 'feeling' it right now!


The Girl said...

Great Expectations!

(Memories of GCSE English come screaming back)

Have you been on readitswapit? Great website. I'm all for the book swapping, I've taken to allowing special people that I trust to borrow books I haven't read yet.

The Curious Cat said...

Hey! I'm so with you on the environment front...I hate to say it but Kindle and Ipad do make sense...but I think for me...going forward I may just keep my most favourite books in real format...and use the library where possible at times - it is cheaper after all! xxx

jane said...

If three books iS a bit much I'm in serious trouble for most of my book-buying habits! I know what you mean about the environment but I figure at least books aren't disposable, they're reread and borrowed and passed on. I like to think it makes a bit of a difference, anyway!

Enjoy your reading!