Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Retail therapy

Now, let's get things straight. I'm not one for retail therapy per se. I'll buy myself a nice hand cream perhaps, or more likely a fancy pants Waitrose food item, but clothes shopping? Not really my thing. You see, I'm not the average body shape and hence find shopping for clothes such as trousers/ skirts/ dresses rather frustrating at times. No I don't have a third leg, just a very generous backside, which doesn't quite find its place on the British high street. But recently, I've been splashing the cash. And before you say anything, I feel quite guilty about it. I know it's totally ok to buy things occasionally, it is rather cold outside and I can't carry on wearing the same old clothes I did when I was a teenager (oh yes, I still have quite a few of those left) and really bad clothes make me feel frumpy. Frumpy Petit Filoux = uncomfortable Petit Filoux = unhappy Petit Filoux. Yep, pretty simple. So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go on the lookout for a faux fur black jacket to go with the dress I was planning on wearing at the two weddings I was invited to attend. After spending many a lunch break perusing shops on Oxford Street, I finally found what I was after: a long sleeve jacket, not a cropped top or sleeveless number, no, this is to keep me warm after all.

I'm particularly pleased with this purchase because I can see myself wearing it on numerous occasions. Times when I'm dressing up and don't want to wear a standard old coat. Anyway, following on from this success, I was determined I should get myself a new coat this winter. The last one I bought was probably about 3-4 years ago, which says a lot about the other coats I'm still wearing. One in particular was starting to edge on embarrassing, with bobbles being a permanent fixture. It was time to ditch it. To start with, I had a quick look online (does anyone else do that? I really hate going from shop to shop, makes me go all hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, so I'd rather establish a short list from the internet from the comfort of my own home/ office).

There, I'd found it. And yes, it would have to be red. Much to the despair of Boyfriend who decidedly still isn't too keen on this colour, I'm growing more and more fond of it. So yes, I've bought myself a red winter coat. But not any kind of coat. A duffle coat. I hope it doesn't make me look like I'm 12 or trying to copy little red riding hood, but honestly, I'm in love with that coat. The inside lining? Honestly, it makes my heart flutter :-)

Finally, I got myself a bag. (See, no offending articles of the trouser/ skirt/ dress department to remind me that I have quite some way to go with weight loss!). To my embarrassment, I've recently got into the habit of using this bag I got for free with a magazine. I know, shocking. I feel quite embarrassed when I see other people with it in the street. Not a good look. Especially as recently it has decided on shedding its inside lining in the most unfashionable of ways. Pretty gross. When I emptied my bag on the bedroom floor yesterday morning, frantically trying to find my keys/ train card/ lip salve etc, it also shed a multitude of black specks on the beige carpet. Hmmm, who's up for a bit of hoovering tonight? So yes, I gave in, I bought myself a bag. A cute little one, didn't break the bank either. And the shop assistant told me I looked beautiful, so honestly, I couldn't possibly put it back on the shelf. Physically impossible I tell thee. (It looks a funny colour in the photo below, but really it's a nice 'night blue' as we say in French. Navy I guess? Not quite but you get the idea!)

And anyway, I got paid last Friday so it's all ok really.

Have you treated yourself to anything lately?


The Girl said...

Your boyfriend is mad in the head - who wouldn't like that colour?! It's gorgeous!

I've noticed that duffel coats are all the rage at the moment, I think you'd have been hard pressed to find one that isn't a duffel coat. I really desperately need a new winter coat but the funds just won't quite stretch at the moment so I'm making do and trying not to think too hard about what I look like!

I guess I've been treating myself to a lot of things lately but it feels less like treating because it's all been necessary stuff, when your work trousers are falling down there's not a lot else you can do but buy another pair. But mostly I've been rediscovering the few things that fit me again and wearing old things in different ways that I wouldn't have dared to at all - so really it's like having new stuff!


Sue said...

I want a red duffle coat! Where did you get it?

Petit Filoux said...

I got mine from Topshop, but I've seen a few around, in Miss Selfridge and Esprit, amongst others :-)

Jill said...

What great purchases - I love your red duffle coat. I own 3 red coats and love them all. The brighter the coat the better in my opinion - we all need a bit of colour on cold, winter days.

I'm desperate for some new clothes, but feel a little guilty about asking the other half for some extra cash - I'll just try and hide the holes a little bit longer and perhaps Santa will bring me some shop vouchers for Xmas so I can hit the sales in the new year :0)

Jill x

jane said...

what lovely things! the bag is such a perfect colour...i think i'd call it midnight blue, or inky blue, or something... you're right, it's not quite navy. it's beautiful.

love your duffle coat, who could fail to happy when wearing a red duffle coat!

Diane said...

Red is sooo my colour - I love the coat! and the bag! Bet you look tres chic xxxxxxx

Robin said...

Red totally rocks! If it makes you happy and brings a smile to your face, then go for it, I think it is a fabulous color! :)

Flitterbee said...

Where's the bag from?

I've recently bought a new coat too and I love it :D It's a kind of not-quite-navy colour. I did toy with the idea of red, but thought I couldn't quite pull it off...

Petit Filoux said...

It's from Accessorize - I've worn it practically every day since I bought it and I love it!

The Curious Cat said...

Love the red coat and the bag! I am like you with the trousers...can never find a good pair. What is it with jeans that hang around the crotch line? Sometimes I have been horrified to see people with their public hair sticking out the front...not nice...and don't get me started on the whole builder's butt thing. Why can't they just make normal trousers/jeans for those who don't care so much about the fashion?!

Oh well... and yes, I look online but need to then go and try on because everything looks good online but that does not necessarily mean it looks good on... oh and please any sales people out there, dim lights in the changing room if possible... so many times I've come out thinking 'oh my lord!' with regards to my skin, hair, the bumps and lumps etc - bright white light does not flatter... at all.

Ok...rant got me going with that one! :) xxx