Monday, 18 October 2010

I wish

I wish that hangovers didn’t get worse as you get older. It’s a little bit like a double blow really. Not only are you feeling like death warmed up, but you are reminded that back in the day, it really was never that painful. Or lasted for that long. Honestly, I still feel broken today. I don’t get drunk a lot these days, I’m not a big drinker anyway, but what can I say. On Saturday, two of my best friends from university got married and the party was brilliant. Everyone had such a good time, the champagne/ polish vodka/ red wine/ white wine were flowing. I guess the 6 hours of driving that we had to do to get there and back probably didn’t help either.

Oh my, today’s going to be a long day. I think I pressed the snooze button 8 times this morning, I’m not kidding.


The Girl said...

Man I actually miss being hungover sometimes. Seriously.

Diane said...

Ive always been a rubbish drunk and I think Ive got better as I have gotten older. I certainly dont puke as much! You'll be ok when you are 50! (in the meanwhile, sips of Earl Grey tea or sparkling mineral water) xxxx

Sue said...

My last hangover was a couple of years ago after a friend's 40th. Oh lord, the 2 hour drive home! Nightmare. Spent the rest of the day in bed.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Jill said...

I'm extremely tipsy after only a small glass of vino. Then all I do is laugh, then fall asleep - I'm such a cheap date!!!

Hope you feel better soon.

Jennifer said...

Take it easy and feel better soon!

jane said...

Sounds like you needed that lie in. Whoever coined the phrase 'you snooze you lose' is clearly teetotal. What can I say besides the fact that I am sending you much e-tea and e-sympathy. Tomorrow it'll all feel worth it and even the horrible hangover will blend into the mix of happy memories.