Thursday, 17 June 2010

This is a shoe announcement

Hello everyone.

This is a special post. I'm afraid the red flowers will have to wait until tomorrow. I need your help and it just can't wait. Please read on and give me your opinion. Every single one of you. Pretty please!

So here it is. I must have very delicate or sensitive feet because I just can't find any shoes in which I am comfortable. My problem is that I like to walk to work, which is about 4km a day. It's not that much, but a fair more than the average person in London I guess, who probably just jumps on a tube or a bus. So I need comfortable shoes. But hey, I'm in my mid-twenties, so I don't want granny shoes right? Well that's where it gets difficult. So far, the only shoes I have which don't give me blisters are my trainers (which I like to save for when I'm doing proper exercise) and my walking boots (which I like to save for when I'm doing proper walking).

Running through the other shoes I own (no pun intended here), here are the problems that I have:
  • heels hurt the balls of my feet and are generally a big no-no if I intend to do more than just stand pretty in a corner;
  • pumps give me blisters at the back;
  • sandals with straps just generally rub wherever the straps are, resulting in yet more blisters.

So there. I need shoes I can walk in. Is that too much to ask? And I need to be able to wear those at work please. Because I can't be bothered with the whole changing shoes when I arrive at my desk. And it would be quite nice if some were nice enough to wear with skirts too. Because hey, it's getting quite warm out there.

I'm asking for your help today because yesterday I wore what I thought were innocent little peep toes/ pumps. I came home with two blisters, had to get a lift home because I couldn't walk anymore by that time and had to take the bus into work this morning. It hurts. Please if you have any suggestions, any shoes that work for you, let me know.

And if you have potions and lotions that you use that could make my feet behave like they're not baby feet anymore, but in their twenties, strong and resistant, let me know too. I'll be forever grateful.

Thank you.

Petit Filoux


Monica said...

oh dear.

My instinctive answer is get changed when you get to work. 4km is a good distance and I my feet would welcome the change to different shoes in the office (I assume you work in an office...?)

Good luck. In the summer months I live in fitflops... but that doesn't help you much, sorry.

lisa ridgeon said...

Oh i hear you hunni! I go for socks and comfort most of the year but come the summer months my feet really suffer. My only thought for you is to invest in some properly made, properly fitted shoes from somewhere like Clarks. Their styles have deffinately got better over the years but are a bit more expensive than the high street. For the amount of wear you'll get from them though it may be worth the investment.


mooncalf said...

I do the same thing. My way of dealign with it is to go to Clarks and buy nice comfy, flat, cushioned sole shoes. They're not very glamorous but I can live with that.

I also buy a lot of Compeed Blister plasters.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I have a pair of shoes very similar to these

and they work for my 3km walk - I find having an adjustable strap rather than a fashionable strap is particularly useful :)

And if you ever find any comfortable sandels let me know! My feet reject them all!

Melanie said...

Compeed Blister platters, like Mooncalf's said, are a life saver (they saved my wedding day and many other pretty but not so comfy shoes days).

Though I agree that if you walk 4kms, changing shoes at work might be a good idea? I hate(d) doing that too, but it might be the solution?

I live in my black all stars most of the time and in flat sandals the rest of the time, but it depends on your work dress code.

Sarah said...

I've found these rather gentle on the feet: if they'd be smart enough for work

Heather said...

My work shoes are from Clarks and they're great. I bought little suede stick on bits to go on the inside of my heels (£1 from Barratts) and it's made all the difference - I have very narrow ankles and they always slip out of shoes and then rub, but the suedey sticky things are fab.

Liz said...

I have much the same problem - my feet are ridiculously sensitive (despite the marathon running!). In summer I wear footie socks (the ones that stop just below the ankle bone) with flat pumps. If you get ones with cute pattern they can look quite good - I have some in charcoal grey from M&S. I also have a pair of tennis shoe-like eco-sneaks in grey suede that look nice with skirts from Simple shoes.

Hope this helps x

Rachel said...

I think I would go down the "change at work" route too. My feet are incredibly awkward, I don't own a single pair of "proper" shoes but my new crocs are the most comfortable things ever! You would think being plastic that they would get all sweaty and start rubbing but they don't! Possibly not suitable for office wear though...
Oh, and I would buy some Compeed blister plasters too, they're brilliant.

Lizzy said...

Well I used to be able to that walk in heels, but no more, have damaged a nerve in my foot and can only wear heels when I don't need to walk! I wear my crocs a lot, they don't look good with a skirt, but are the most comfortable shoes i have got, failing that trainers or wellies!!! Flat shoes are horrible, I have several pairs and hate them all, and quite often suffer from pain because i am too vane!! If you find this perfect pair please do let me know!

Taz said...

I was straight on the change them when you get to work train too. Apart from that I am of no use sorry but I hope you find something that works for you.

jane said...

Definitely change at work! However even then I hate wearing horrible shoes for walking but Bensimon tennis elastique have never ever given me a blister, and I have baby feet too. They come in lots of colours and I love them for their French-ness:

ana said...

Last summer I got a couple of pairs of Clarks shoes which have turned out to be ultra comfortable for walking. This year's equivalents are , and (that last one is on sale too!). The crepe sole is really comfy - I recommend them (and I don't work for Clarks!).