Friday, 4 June 2010

Mid-season present

My mum arrived yesterday for a week. What perfect timing with the amazing weather we are having! I think her plan for today is to enjoy the outdoor pool we have in our little town. Wish I could join her, but unfortunately work has got in the way!!

It was her birthday last month and I decided to make her something that she'd asked me for a while back. Back in the day when I'd just started this little blog, I told you about this scarf I'd made for myself (if you go to that super old post of mine, do click on the photo to see it in its full glory - back in those days I didn't know how to make the photos look bigger!). It's done on size 15 needles, which gives it a nice lacy look without the hassle of dealing with a difficult pattern. Actually it's dead simple! Only I found it in a book from my local library and I've lent the pattern to a lady from my knitting group, so no pattern just yet! If anyone's interested, I'll post it here when I get the pattern back. Anyway, here it is!

She loved it so I'm really pleased! I got the little beads at a market stool and I think it finishes it off nicely. What's nice about this scarf is that it can be really quite warm if you wrap it tight around your neck, but it can also be more relaxed and less about keeping you warm if you put it on loosely. Rather nifty don't you think?! Anyway, it's always nice when someone appreciates a little knitted gift, makes me very happy indeed!

Hope you have a lovely Friday wherever you are - and fingers crossed the nice weather carries on during the weekend!! xx


Rachel said...

What a beautiful scarf! I'd love to see the pattern if you do get hold of it again. Have a great weekend!
R x

The Girl said...

Aah it's so beautiful, love the colours as well.

Outdoor pool?! Awesome!!

Jill said...

I used to live in a town with an outdoor pool (Lido) - it was blummin freezing, but when you're young you have this urge to jump in. Mostly it was used by the kids without a garden to sit by and sunbathe. I drove past there awhile back and it's houses now. What a shame.

Anyway, back to your scarf - I love it. The colour is super. Of course you must get hold of the pattern and post the details on your blog.

I've already been out with Violet this sunny morning and purchased yet more wool. Though a couple of balls are destined for a friend's immenent baby arrival.

Have a fab time with your mum - enjoy this beautiful weather.

Laura said...

The scarf is GORGEOUS! I love the colours and the pattern looks lovely.

Well done you! Glad your mum liked it.

Have a lovely weekend.


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

That is really beautiful! The colours are gorgeous. Xx

little pink room said...

It's so lovely! Aoife x

Rachel on madeleines sofa said...

Lovely blog - first time I've visited and I will be back!! x

Taz said...

Pretty scarf. Love the colours.