Thursday, 24 June 2010

Calendar crafting

We've had a calendar hanging around the flat for 3 years. 2007 it was for. But we couldn't get ourselves to throw it because you know what, it was just too pretty. When I was at university, I'd cut out the cute photos (think baby animals!) from the previous year's calendar and stick them on my wall (yes I was a rebel, using bluetack when it was explicitly forbidden in halls of residence - rock and roll I say). Anyway, the days of sticking things on walls with bluetack are well and truly over. We try and be slightly more elaborate and grown up these days. We use nails. So a couple of weeks ago, we got the ball rolling. I bought a few frames, the all glass type, no actual frame around it if that makes sense. Because this is what we wanted to frame:

Maps. 1800s and early to mid 1900s. And I thought these looked nice enough on their own, finding a frame that would compliment them would just be too hard if not impossible. The next step got delayed somewhat, what with my mum coming over to stay and utter laziness. Yeah I can be lazy sometimes, no big deal, I put my hands up. Anyway, back to the frames and the maps. Last week, I decided it was time I jumped right in. So out came the newly purchased guillotine and a pair of scissors. And there we have it, nine framed maps.

Ah, what you can do with a little imagination and some simple tools, rather cool don't you think?


cumquats said...

Very cool indeed. I especially love the old map of Australia. It seems very similar to the ones we had at school. I'mnot sure what that says about my age! Kim :)

The Girl said...

Love those old maps. Question is, where are they going?! Are they going up in a display all together or being dotted around.

Clip frames is the name you're looking for.

And you are a TOTAL blu-tak sticking rebel. I shouldn't be around you, you're clearly a bad influence.

Petit Filoux said...

Thanks the girl,they're clip frames indeed!
Not sure yet, probably dotted around in groups of 3-4: cities/ world/ countries - Or-ga-ni-sa-tion!!! ;-)

Jill said...

What cool maps you've got there. I'd quite like the Ozzie one myself.

You can get some great pictures from old calenders can't you? Can't wait to get my Italian ones framed.

jane said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! im completely obsessed with any and all maps. i love the principal cities of the old world so much, i really want one of those now! ahh, this post just makes me so happy! MAP LOVE.

Rachel said...

Brilliant idea! I love looking at maps, old and new, I find them so fascinating!

Felix said...

I love old maps and have been very inspired by old road atlases lately.

I also love your poppies; there is something totally incredible about the way they turn whole fields red, for just a few days.