Monday, 8 March 2010

More of the same please!

What a weekend it was!!! I hope you had a nice one, it certainly was very enjoyable here!! Oh so much sun, we just can't get enough of it!!!! I absolutely love it, it was nice and crisp, but not too cold, and actually quite warm in places.

We went for a lovely walk. So refreshing and relaxing. These guys were very cute indeed. I wanted to take one home. Boyfriend wasn't so keen.

Snow drops made my heart flutter. So nice to see spring is well and truly on its way.

And the badminton season was officially open.

Well not here exactly, but anywhere when there isn't much wind. I looooooove it!!
Hope you have a lovely Monday all xx


J said...

I love Snowdrops - they look so delicate and perfect.

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Snowdrops! Wonderful! I have a huge mass of them around our Oak Tree and they make me smile every year. Spring is almost upon us! :) Xx

The Girl said...

As if the boyfriend wouldn'nt let you bring a calf home! Selfish.

So nice to feel the sun on your skin, even if it is freezing at the same time!

Thanks for the message on my last post - I'll be back soon!