Monday, 14 September 2009

Little crisis, the Ippolyts trail and Victorian classrooms

Good morning all! So, how was your weekend? A little less emotional than mine I hope! I won't go into details, I don't think it'll really interest anyone, but had a little crisis this weekend. Realised that even though I have a good job, a lovely flat and an amazing boyfriend, I wasn't happy. Now maybe that's exaggerating a little (the not being happy bit), but I guess the fact that my birthday is coming up gave me the shivers a bit. 25. That's half way to 50. I'm closer to 30 than to the day I passed my baccalaureate. Now there's a scary thought. So I guess that got me a little depressed. Or just worried. Was I doing the right thing, living in the right place, working in the right job etc etc. You get the idea. I'm a little over it now, thanks to Boyfriend who was wonderful and helped work things out. But I still reckon I need to do some more thinking. I'm sure you've all had times like these, how exactly do you deal with it? Do you tell yourself you're doing the right thing and just carry on, or do you throw everything away and try something new?

Anyway, onto lighter and happier thoughts! For the first time in my life (there's a first time to everything right?) I bought some sunflowers. Not any sunflowers though. Look at these babies, aren't they ABSOLUTELY gorgeous???!!!

Everytime I look at them, it feels like they're staring back at me, sending me a little bit of sunshine. I love them.

I could honestly spend an hour just looking at them. They make me happy. Alright alright, after reading the start of my blog you're probably thinking, well they didn't make you happy this weekend did they?! and you'd be right, well at least only on Saturday. Yesterday, they made me smile. And hopefully, they're making you smile now as well.

Moving on. This weekend was Heritage Open Days in Hitchin, the little town where I live. We missed it last year because we were on holiday, so this time around, we thought we'd make the most of it. What happens is some venues around town and in the surrounding villages are open to the public for free. Some you'd usually have to pay for, others are actually closed to the general public. So it felt like a privilege to be able to have a look around the Biggin for example. What a stunning building. We decided we should go have a wonder around St Ippolyts church as well, which dates back to 1087. Yes you read correcly, that's the 11th century. Instead of driving there though, we got our walking boots on and walked there. It was truly lovely. I got told off for getting a little snappy-happy again with the macro feature of the camera, but I'm sure you'll appreciate ;-)

I'm looking forward to coming back to these fields either this weekend or the following, there are so many elderberries and blackberries waiting to be picked! More jam parties for me then!!!

Anyway, before I go, I want to show you a few more photos. I know this post is getting a bit long, but bear with me, it'll be worth it! We had a look around the British Schools Museum on Sunday, and my goodness, the place is full of treasures. They have a variety of objects used by schoolchildren during Victorian times and a history of the school. It was truly fascinating. If you're interested in that sort of thing, I recommend you go have a look yourself. We even had a go at writing with a dip pen and played the penny game. So here are a few snaps, I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Monday to all! x


Lizzy said...

Only half way to fifty - lucky you, I am a little nearer!!! Make the most of it, the years will soon fly by and before long it will be your 46th birthday and you will then have a very very big emotional weekend! (sorry this was meant to cheer you up!!!) The more birthdays you have the more you get used to it?

The domestic novice said...

I've definitely had a few of those 'aarghh' moments and for some reason it does kick in at around 25. I've found it fades in and out depending on the various factors around me - uber successful friends, friends who are settling down quicker than I am, friends who are jacking it all in and not worrying aboutt the mortgage and all that malarky. It's easy to get a little lost in the fug - but there will be a moment of clarity. Honestly. Cat x