Friday, 18 September 2009


I'm totally with Jo on this - photos aren't always required for a post - well I say that because I have none to show :-( I blame it on the rubbish weather, this fast approaching dark and windy winter which means that when I get up it's still dark, and by the time I get home, unless I pounce on the camera and take photos of whatever it is that I want, the light is gone before I know it. So that means I have to be super organised at the weekend, think about what I'd like to write about during the following week and take photos in advance. Yeah right, like that's going to happen!

Anyway, so here it is, today, there won't be any photos. I'm sorry! Don't have much news to be honest, apart from that I wanted to tell you that I shall soon be revealing little knitting projects I've been working on. Some are finished, others are nearly there. So come back this weekend, hopefully I'll remember to sort out this out tomorrow! xx

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JuliaB said...

Hi there. Thanks for popping onto my blog ... your email address didn't show up though .. can you drop me an email with your email and I'll tell you my degreasing secrets!! xxx