Thursday, 10 November 2011

Soft and squishy

That's how this lovely, lovely yarn from Loop feels. Like I mentionned yesterday, I totally splashed out on the most gorgeous yarn ever. To be fair though, I was quite restrained and only bought one skein. The temptation for more was great, but the bank might not have been too happy. A case of yarn vs. bills. I'm not sure finance people would understand my reasoning.

Anyhow, here it is, a sneak peak. I'm ashamed to say I haven't even started the project I bought it for. It might be time to get myself into gear though, if I don't want to feel the shame of having to give a Christmas present after Christmas.

The idea is to make a nice warm shawl for my French nan, who I don't get to see very often these days unfortunately. I made her one a couple of years ago, and apparently, she's worn that one so much, she could really do with a replacement. This one is guaranteed to be warm too, being a mix of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere (hence the great urge to bury my face in it everytime I see it). Now, let's hope my nan does indeed want a new one and my mum hasn't got the wrong end of the stick... At least it's green, so it'll go with her eyes (is that how all old people reason?!). So here we go, wish me luck, I'm thinking of trying out this pattern.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful yarn for a very pretty shawl, I'm sure your Nan will love it.

Rachel said...

Mmmm, that yarn looks divine!

mooncalf said...

I knit Kiri - my first lace shawl I think. It was a good memorable pattern, a fun knit and looked lovely once I'd done it. And that yarn looks just gorgeous.

Have just read back through the comments from yesterday and giggled a bit :)

ruthcrafts said...

I think the leaves of the Kiri pattern will look lovely in that green - oddly, it reminds me very much of the yarn I used to make a Shetland Lace Triangle (from Scarf/Wrap Style, I don't remember which :)