Monday, 21 November 2011

Little cinnamon kiss

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow Freecycler was giving away some flour. I'm not a right skank, it wasn't just any flour you know! It was Dove's fancy spelt flour, organic and all. I jumped at the chance because I'd always wanted to try it, but could never get myself to pay the money they ask for it in the supermarket. Not knowing where to start, I thought I'd stick to the recipes on the back of the packet. Can't go wrong, right?

Correct! These little cinnamon and honey bites (because they are indeed tiny) are very moorish. But not to the point whereby you might be tempted to down the lot in one go (no, I have no self-control, this has happened in the past), which is good in my book. The best bit is, even when they go a little stale after a few days, they are delicious dipped in a cup of coffee.

Next on the list was a fruit cake recommended by the lady who gave me the flour. She was so kind, she photocopied this recipe for me. It would have been rude not to try it. So off I went, with my imaginary apron on (I really must put those in a more accessible place so I start wearing them), and got cooking.

This cake is really lovely, but not all that either if you see what I mean? I guess it's just a little too christmassy for my liking, in the sense that it's packed full of dried chopped apricots, figs and prunes, and the zest of a lemon and orange, all of which I put in my Christmas cake. So it's not bad at all obviously, just not what I was expecting from a non-christmassy cake. The positive side of it though is that using that special flour hasn't altered the texture in any way and I would definitely use it again. Until then, I might just have to make a few more cinnamon bites.


The Curious Cat said...

You've got your bake on! Yum yum!!! xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Gotta love Freecycle, huh?
I love the look and sound of those tiny, wee bites.