Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Making ahead - Christmas is on its way

It is indeed the time of year to take a few minutes to relax and think. It’s time to make the Christmas cake. This year, I will be hosting my most exciting Christmas so far. It will be the first one in our new home, my first Christmas in my very own house. Plus, my mum and nan will be coming over from France, and Mr Petit Filoux’s parents will also come and join us. That means I shall be cooking for 6. That’s a lot in my book. Especially when you’re only ever used to cooking for two, maximum three, and some have different expectations or needs. So anything I can make ahead of time is a bonus, because it is my goal to keep the whole affair relaxed and enjoyable.

And to be able to do so, one has to prepare. This is like music to my ears, because I love making lists, making things ahead of time and being or-ga-ni-sed. And what actually requires to be made ahead of time? A Christmas cake. It ticks all my boxes. So as usual, I have followed my flexible recipe. I’m thinking lots of prunes, apricots and figs this year. Lots and lots. With lovely orange and lemon zest, none of that candied peel though (does anyone actually like that stuff?!).

I can’t wait to tuck into this one. Maybe with some homemade ice cream? Yeah, my head is buzzing with ideas and making ice cream means another thing which doesn’t have to be made at the last minute!


The Littlest House said...

You're very brave hosting Christmas - I've managed to avoid having it at ours so far, and I think I'll hold off as long as possible! I am hoping to find the time to make a cake this week though, yours sounds fantastic!

Stash Avalanche said...

Looks delish, and you've given me a nudge to get cracking on my own Xmas cake too. PS. I like peel!