Thursday, 1 September 2011

Garden notes


Take an old but much loved notebook you've had since university.

Carefully count the number of pages left and work out how many you can get for each letter. Yes that's right, you're now going to be cutting each page very carefully in order to create "alphabet dividers"! Such fun!

Find those magazine cuttings you've been keeping for a while because you didn't want to throw all those clever tips away. Stick them on the appropriate pages.

Enjoy your lovely new garden notebook and think of all the wonderful things to come in those little outdoor spaces of yours :-)

Finally, think about improving the look of the dividers and the cover too - I was just too excited to show this to you, I just didn't take the time to finish it properly!


The Littlest House said...

Hi, thanks for your comment - reading again I realise how whiny my post is! (luckily no one else was in my office when tears were shed!). And it is indeed lovely weather in London today. Your garden journal looks fantastic- I dowloaded an app last week to try and get a bit organised with our garden, but it's just not the same as stationery.

Rachel on madeleines sofa said...

Hello, I really like this idea of a way to store your info that you gather about gardening. I have showed this blog to my husband who can't understand why I cut things out of magazines to show him that I am not on my own!! x