Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Matching frocks

Do you ever get the feeling that something just Has. To. Match? No, just me? Well, maybe I take it to the extreme sometimes, but when I came home to find a delightful and most useful addition to our bathroom, I knew I had to tweak something. It's not like there's some sort of colour scheme in there to be fair, but there was something that just stood out and I couldn't let it slip. It's a room that gets very much used, and I want it to look as pretty as possible while staying practical.

Enter a crochet hook and some yarn. Add a little time, some measurements, double crochet, some frogging and a little more patience.

What comes out? A cover for my contact lenses liquid bottle. I'm starting to feel more and more that unless packaging is stylish, I have little time for it. And this bottle as it was originally definitely didn't help the bathroom look. There's still much to be done of course, but I reckon this little crochet coat helps quite a bit. (Yeah, I'm thinking calling it a bottle 'coat' sounds pretty cool. And probably makes me sound fairly mental. I can live with that.)


Lina said...

I'm fond of a bit of matchy matchiness sometimes. I'm impressed that you're willing to take it to such a level though!!!

The Girl said...

Ha I love it! I love a bit of matchy matchy so I'm all in favour.

Totally not weird to call it the bottle's coat. Obviously it's his coat!

pinkundine said...

I love the bottle coat :) I love being a crafter, it makes doing things like this so easy and so satisfying, doesn't it?!

The Curious Cat said...

Love the look! Particularly love that little clock! How darling! :) xxx