Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cheap as chips

We all love a bargain right? Well I'm sure you'll be impressed with this one. A supermarket find. About 5min before closing time. Mr Petit Filoux pointed them out and I just couldn't believe my luck. Not the apples, those are from the garden. No no, look behind.

Aren't they beautiful? So so colourful. This is where when I'll be buying my flowers from now on. They ask silly prices for flowers here at the market, and I refuse to pay high prices for flowers that don't even smell or last very long. At least when you pay 29p to 69p a bunch, there's only smiles all round.

Even more smiles when you get to enjoy said flowers in a bargain jug, found in a tiny little charity shop in Staffordshire last week. I did indeed take 10min out of my working day to peruse around the place and it was oh so worth it. Got a couple more treasures, but will save those for another day! Before I go though, have a look at the other bunch of flowers I got for under a quid. Quite a good flower day I reckon! It's one flowery happy home :-)


Toffeeapple said...

The only time I buy flowers is when they are rock bottom prices. Yours look very pretty.

The Curious Cat said...

I love flowers...was thinking of going out to buy some for my room now I'm arrived in may well have inspired me though not sure Ill find them so cheaply! xxx