Friday, 13 May 2011

Places to stay

Right, now that Blogger’s sorted itself out, let’s carry on with our France posts shall we?! Although it would be nice to get yesterday's post comments back... Anyway!

Over our holiday, which was basically some sort of road trip, we stayed in three different places. This allowed us to explore each area we wanted to see to the full, while not having to drive tons every day. Notwithstanding, we did manage to clock up the mileage, but let’s not think about that, what with the current price of petrol… Anyway, we started in a charming chambre d’hote, not far from Bayeux, which was basically a working farm. We didn’t get to see any of the farm animals but there were a couple of friendly Labradors that sure made up for it. A holiday in a nice place with animals is always a bonus (flashback to last year…). The room was simple and the building were rustic, but it was truly lovely, a real relaxing place to stay.

We then moved on further west. We’d always thought that if we could fit in a bit of camping, it would not only bring the cost down, but it would also be good fun. Since the tent hadn’t seen the light of day since last November, we thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to brush the dust off and get our thermal clothes out. Yeah, camping in April is still cold my friends! Thermals were definitely needed, and it came to a point where we both wished we had full thermal body suits on, but we survived.

Only just though… the first night, something scratched the side of the tent and repeatedly tried to jump on one of my legs that was touching the side of the tent. My heart probably stopped beating for a good few minutes I can tell you that!. The next day though, we worked out that no, we hadn’t been attacked by a bear/ wolf/ peacock, but probably just this cheeky little kitten. My rucksack was the best toy ever I’ll have you know, and the car, well that was another world to explore… We were really tempted to take him (or her?) home, it was just so cute and playful, even Boyfriend was smitten!

(No we’re not gypos by the way, we do have suitcases, but shoes tend to go in plastic bags in the boot around any proper bags!)

We spent the last couple of nights in a place even further west, with a view (long distance!) over the Mont St Michel. It was right between Granville, where I’d been with my mum last winter and had been dying to take Boyfriend to ever since, and the Mont St Mich which we most definitely wanted to visit. That chambre d’hote was something else. Perfect after a couple days of camping, such a treat really. Most especially for me, as they had lovely magazines everywhere, including old Marie Claire Idees that I proceeded to devour and photograph! But that’s another post to itself!!

The house had recently been renovated and it looked gorgeous. Maybe not to everyone’s taste (old wonky door knobs that felt like they were going to stay in your hand every time you opened a door type thing), certainly down the shabby chic route I guess, but it was lovely. Magazine lovely if you know what I mean. I kept finding little quirks and corners that I wanted to photograph. So much inspiration, ah if only we could afford that kind of space!!

The room was lovely too, and it was arranged in a really nice way. Talking of quirks, one thing I thought was really neat was using a wooden ladder to hold towels. So clever! Making the most of whatever space available or what?! Boyfriend wasn’t took keen on a detail in the attached children’s room though (suitcase room for us!) – what do you think of that clown? Neither of us are keen on them, find them rather creepy you know, but Boyfriend thought that picture would actually be quite scary for a small child…

Anyway, all in all, it made for great settings to visit those parts of Normandy. Ah to be by the seaside again…


Lucy said...

Yes, I've seen ladders as towel rails before and loved it too! And yes clowns are well scary!

I'd have wet myself as well at someting pouncing on me in the night, glad it was just the frisky kitten :)

The Curious Cat said...

I didn't realise you had gone on holiday! Looks gorgeous! You always take such lovely photos! I'm so out of the loop...I'm always saying this! Just too much to catch up on and no time...I sound like a broken record don't I? xxx

The Littlest House said...

Came across your blog and I'd say hello! I recently went on a road trip to France as well - made the most of the bank holidays. We weren't brave enough to camp though! Your photos look really lovely.