Friday, 15 April 2011

Spell it out.

Money. I won’t have much left at all at the end of each month once it kicks in. For the foreseeable future. Ouch. But it's all going to a good cause. Not so ouch.

Own. Mine all mine. Ok not quite, some sharing with Boyfriend is involved, of course. But it will be our house. Ours and the bank’s to be more precise.

Relax. We’ve done all we can so far. Now we just need to sit back and let others do a bit of work. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Tree. A few will depend on us. That makes me rather nervous. I’m not sure I’ve got green fingers and I’d hate to make one die.

Garden. It’s got to be worth it for the garden right? Oh barbeques in the sun, cups of tea outdoors…. *sigh of happiness*

Animal. This might be our first chance to get a proper pet (my childhood goldfish really don’t count I’m afraid). If we can verify Boyfriend is not allergic to them, a cat or two might find their way into the Petit Filoux household. You can’t have a cat flap and no cat right?

Garden. Yeah I know, I’ve said this before. But I reckon I can mention it a second time because well, there will be a front garden and a back garden. Double whammy.

E. Ok that’s French, so might be cheating slightly, but I was struggling here. And it’s actually relevant, because if everything goes according to plan, we’ll be in by the summer!

(shall I be worried that the first four letters of the word "mortgage" spell out "death" in French?!!)


mooncalf said...

Not a coincidence. The word is from the French for 'dead pledge'.

but... garden!

Lucy said...

"Dead pledge" - oh dear!!

But yes, you HAVE to get a cat! If there's no cat there to mark its territory then all the neighbourhood cats will come in through the catflap, so you see, you need a pet cat as a sort of Guardian of the Catflap!

Don't worry too much about the trees, I was always under the impression that they sortof looked after themselves?! xx

Toffeeapple said...

An exciting time for you both. Trees don't need much looking after and cats are obligatory. Enjoy your new home when you get there.

Me said...

Oh you have some really nice things to look forward to. And... *two* gardens! xxx

Caroline said...

Two gardens! *makes sour face with jealousy* How exciting though, and yes, you MUST get cats! Otherwise who will use that catflap?

Monica said...

oh how exciting!!


The Curious Cat said...

Wow! Where? What is it like? Is it the one you wanted?! Exciting Exciting times! Pet!!! argh!!!!!!!! So jealous! xxx

skybluepinkish said...

Just think of all those thick Russian novels you will be able to read in your garden whilst your cat (s) purr and twine around your legs :)