Monday, 11 April 2011

At the weekend I...

  • Had mega stress sessions - having to replace Boyfriend's car (due to recent accident and insurance deciding it was a write off) couldn't have come at the worst time...
  • Totally knocked my leg, yet again, in one of the corners of our bed - I now sport a rather ugly black and blue mark just below my knee. Not only it is really unsightly, but it bloody hurt too.
  • Finished my beautiful knitted project - more on this when it's finished blocking! And here's to hoping for a little cold spell before Spring truly kicks in, I'd like to wear said knitted item before November!
  • Picked up some mindless cross stitch. You just can't go wrong with cross stitch, it's just so easy, and doesn't make a mess in the living room. Bonus when you're trying to keep things tidy and organised.
  • Made a really tasty cake. Lemon and vanilla cake. So nice and fresh, perfect for this time of year.

  • Painted my toe nails red - even if they don't get out much, I feel so much more lady-like in the shower. And when I get out of bed. Trust me, feeling nice on the inside makes a massive difference to how you carry yourself on the outside.
  • Even found some time to paint my fingernails. That doesn't happen as often as I'd like to because, well, I'm a busy lady! Always have something to do, washing up, crafting, cleaning, cooking, and drying nails aren't very conducive to such activities. On the other hand, sitting in the in-laws' garden in the sun waiting for Sunday lunch to be served up is a perfectly conducive activity.

  • Enjoyed basking in the sun in said garden, wasn't the weather totally amazing this weekend? So warm (well, really quite hot some times!) that the back of my jeans felt a little sweaty after a while. Not a nice detail I know, but definitely I sign I must get ready to get skirts out!!! (Well, only after I get rid of my massive bruise first).

  • And last, but truly far from least, revelled in the fact that someone has changed their mind.... do you think the vendor reads my blog and felt threatened?! I was in a rather foul mood when I wrote that post, so I don't blame them!!


Lucy said...

So you're moving?! Woo! Very exciting, but yeah, probably won't get a chance to paint your nails again anytime soon! :)

And your cake looks fantastic!! x

mooncalf said...

God I want your cake SO MUCH!!!

Sorry about your bad news but really pleased by your good news.

Fingers crossed for you!

PinkCatJo said...

Congratulations - lots of exciting times to look forward to.

I sympathise with your bruising. I fell down the stairs on Friday night (only two, wasn't drunk but was hungover) and bruised my back and my arm - ouch!

That cake looks amazing - picture perfect! x

Ali said...

Sounds like potentially very good house news!! And I am hoping your finished knitting is what I think it is (I am more than a little obsessed with it, you see).

Rachel said...

Does that mean they accepted your offer? Hooray, such good news! Your lemon cakes looks utterly delicious!
R x

Heather said...

oooooh I'm so happy that she changed her mind! xxxx

The Girl said...

Oooh so the offer's been accepted?! Really hope so.

Argh that cake looks gorgeous, I really need some right now.

Maria♥ said...

That cake looks really yummy!


The Curious Cat said...

So much to keep up with - i'm so rubbish! Only a few days go by and everyone is blogging like crazy! Think I've caught up now...I hope! Italy will throw a spanner in the works but oh well! xxx