Thursday, 21 April 2011

Building lines and curves

As mentionned yesterday, I had a little photo session on my way into and back from work on Tuesday. The weather is still glorious here in London, and it's making all my favourite buildings look absolutely fabulous.

Our environment isn't all flowers and birds. Some of you live in more remote areas, and sometimes I do wish I lived somewhere deep in the countryside, but the matter of fact is, I live in a part of the country where it's hard to get away from built up areas. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. These buildings are part of our culture too, albeit an urban one. I for one appreciate it today. Maybe not every day, but certainly at the moment I do.

The thing is, I know very little about architecture. I can't tell you when any of those buildings were built, who the architect might be, nothing. But I do hope that you can, like me, appreciate how they are all beautiful in their own way. That strong blue sky certainly helps I reckon.

So sit back, and enjoy some central London beauty! (My favourite one is definitely the one where the old meets the new, where you get a reflection of that old building in the new glass one - stunning I reckon!)

I'm also partial to those rounded buildings, curves are always a good thing I reckon!

Have a lovely sunny Thursday everyone! If it is your last working day until May as it is for me, let's all say a little thank you to the bank holidays gods!!


Clare said...

THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU to the bank holiday Gods. I too am now off until May 3rd..just a couple more meetings to go! The photo's are lovely - I like the old meets new and the round ones too!

The Curious Cat said...

Gorgeous photos - really like the collection as a whole! Really good eye! xxx

Ali said...

Oh that sky! Your photos are great - I love a bit of urban architecture - it always seems very grown up!

Heather said...

those curved corner buildings are just so ... London aren't they? Love them.
On of my favourite London buildings is the Lloyd's of London building, with all the pipe on the outside! And for general all round beauty and detail, it has to be the natural history musuem. Lovely.

Lucy said...

Ooh lovely - I love a good chimney stack! And blue sky always makes any subject more beautiful doesn't it? x