Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's cold and grey outside

It's the 5th of April, and for those of us who thought spring was well on its way, Mother Nature sent us a bit of crappy weather to put us back in our place. It's so grey, wet and miserable out there, it's difficult to remember those recent days we've had, full of sunshine and early warmth. Even getting up this morning felt a little like winter, with it being so overcast. Maybe that was a sign, and I should have just stayed in bed, all warm. But instead, I had to go and freeze my wet backside outdoors. The only positive about that? I managed to take a few snappy snaps of happy flowers in bloom. Even when it's raining, that colour and the promise of more to come surely is enough to lift the dampest of spirits.

Have a lovely Tuesday! xx


PinkCatJo said...

It so cold, grey and wet - grrr!

I agree, it is a day for staying in bed with the covers pulled well over my head!

Hope you've found something sunny to smile about this Tuesday. x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful magnolia. I can grow most things, but my healthy lovely magnolia just will not flower :(

Ali said...

But it's sunny again today - weyhey!

Lucy said...

Well it's now Wednesday and the sun's come out again here, hope it has where you are! x

Deb Legg said...

Spring sure is taking it's sweet time getting here this year. I just know it's gonna be worth it.

Unless we skip Spring again and just melt right into Summer.