Friday, 7 January 2011


I was inspired by Pebbledash's post yesterday to have a play around with Wordle. I entered my blog url, and I must say, I'm quite surprised by the result!!

What do you reckon?! I didn't realise I'd mentionned Christmas so much! Actually, looking at the words more closely, I see that it's only picked up on the words that must be appearing on the first page of the blog. Because it cannot be that there is no mention of crochet or knitting!!!


Sue said...

Wordle is fun isn't it? I've had a play with it and the words food, cooking, pudding and cake seem to feature strongly.

Sue said...

How did you get those colours? I can't find them anywhere.

Sue said...

It's OK, I've worked it out :o)

The Girl said...

Yeah I did this a while ago and was like "What?! THAT'S what I talk about the most?!" and then realised that it's just looking at the first page of your blog. I have sneaky crafty plans to use Wordle for something in the future.

Clare said...

I tried it too - my biggest word seemed to be Sausage? Very Random - and definitely not something I talk about a lot!?
Still fun though?

Lucy said...

Ooh interesting - I love that you have 'oysters' in there! I did a similar thing on Facebook a couple of weeks ago where it found your top 10 words from your statuses in 2010, 'sewing' and 'cake' were in my top five :) (My colleague had 'punch' and 'face' in his top two, worryingly!)

The Curious Cat said...

I tried this but it didn't work on my work I'll leave it to attempt on my home one! Funny about Christmas!!! xxx

The Garden Bell said...

You've done it again. Totally addicted to this. Been playing with it all afternoon. Why does
seem to be my words for the blog.

Maybe, I'll try a special posting and see what it does.

Probably will be linking in soon.
Too much fun not to pass along.

pebbledash said...

It's quite addictive, isn't it?! Happy New Year to you!
Diana x