Thursday, 16 June 2011

The war is on

The air con war. Anyone working in an office will know what I’m talking about? It’s getting slightly warmer out there, and some people’s first reaction is to turn on the air con rather than open windows.

Wrong. Move.

It’s 8am and I get to the office. A couple of guys who come in before me are always really hot (hot flushes?) and turn it on straight away. Lazy bastards, can’t be bothered to open the windows. Instead of sitting down and giving themselves a bit of time to cool down, they just reach for the easy (and most definitely not environmentally friendly) option.

So this morning, I got in, turned off all the air con units and opened practically every single window in the office. Not being funny, but I won’t have the air con on when it’s actually cooler outside. What’s wrong with some people?

Not only does it use up a lot of energy, it dries the air out (and my contact lenses), and spreads germs around. The air con units we have are also about a million years old and positioned in such a way that they blow on certain people’s desks and not others. Alright when you’re getting fresh air, not so good when your paperwork and hair is being blown around.

So there. The fight’s on. Emails have been sent around to encourage people to open windows first, and turn on the air con if it really gets too hot, to no avail. Some people still can’t help themselves and turn it on without asking other people if they’re happy with it, and without getting people to close windows, which is down right stupid and selfish. So I’m taking the matters in my own hands and opening windows left right and centre. Bring it on.


Lucy said...

Sadly my office doesn't have windows (!) but we have similar aircon/heating woes. Far too hot in winter and an icebox in summer, meaning that whatever you wear for the weather outside, you're going to be uncomfortable when you get inside! GAH!

Jill said...

Ah, office wars. Can't say that I miss them one little bit.

Good luck with trying to get everyone else to give a damn about the planet.


Heather said...

Ugh tell me about it. The office I used to work in had the same problem with the blowing on certain people's desks and not others. The office I work in now, you CAN'T open the windows! madness. Aircon/heating is on all the time, one way or another, it gives me dry skin on my hands and it's the same air circulating all the time so germs spread so easily. If one person gets ill it just goes round the entire place. Yuck.

The Curious Cat said...

Im so in your camp. I hate air con if it is not needed (love it when it is of course in those v hot countries). I'll always sleep to a fan or open windows if I can - even in hot places like Thailand. It does dry out everything and in this country we really don't need it. xxx