Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Animal love

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I loooove animals. Be it cats, dogs, and really anything remotely cute and furry. This weekend, I got treated to some super animal love. Even though no cuddling was involved. Not one little bit. But do you want to see why I've still got a massive smile on my face thinking about it? Have a look.

How can anyone resist this big black ball of fur?

Well ok, I must admit we may have felt a little shaky at this point...

But they were just so cute... Winnie the Pooh anyone?!

Look at this fella - I mean come on, what amazing colours!!!

Those ears make me want to squeak

These guys were pretty cool - although at that particular point, I think my exact words were "I think it's time to make a move!!!"

So beautiful...

Now for a little bit of backside action...

And again..

And finally, because it's not all about the big and beautiful, let's not forget about the cute little ones that share our world every day...

I thought I should say this fantastic place is having a money-raising event this coming Friday for the Eastern Mountain Bongo (there's only 60ish poor sods left in the wild). Admission only £5. Bargainous me thinks.

Oh, and come back tomorrow to see my favouritest animal of all times. You won't be disappointed.


Jill said...

Woburn's great isn't it???? We all loved it when we vistied a few weeks ago.

Did you buy one of those Passport Tickets so that you can go back and visit the Abbey? The Abbey is beautiful, especially mid-week, when there's hardly anybody there. Great cafe too.

If you've got any friends who are 40 this year, they can visit for free for the whole of 2010.

The Girl said...

Oh my goodness that picture of the monkey is pure genius. Absolutely hilarious.

Also loving the bear sitting up.

The Curious Cat said...

That bear would have you for his lunch if he could...cute but not cuddly!!! :) Love the backside action too! :) xxx