Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Save someone's life

Give blood today. I just did it during my lunch break (well ok, had to take an extra hour because of delays/ making sure I was fine), but I can't tell you how proud you will feel afterwards. And knowing that you will have helped someone else is simply invaluable.


lisa ridgeon said...

Well done to you! I used to give blood years ago when my two boys were small but they were always in my area in school holidays and my boys couldn't sit still for the hour or more it took to wait for my turn. Then, because i missed a few visits they stopped telling me when they were in the area and i got out of the habit. But my eldest is now 17 (where did the years go!) and the 'Blood' people have been in touch with him so we now have a list of venues and dates in our area and i'm going to give blood on thursday! I feel suitably ashamed for not going sooner but i will definately be going on thursday.

Lizzy said...

Well done. I tried to give blood twice but ended up fainting!! They told me not to go back. Which is a shame because I really wanted to do it. My daughter gave her first donation this summer- I was very proud of her.