Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Hi there! Well, no crafts to show today, not even any photos. But I wanted to talk about something which has made me really HAPPY. And that’s a pretty big thing considering the horrendous morning I had in the office today. Somehow or another (I won’t bore you with the story, not that it’s very interesting anyway!), my path crossed this woman’s around lunchtime and it was simply astonishing. I don’t know if I would consider myself a cynic, but I definitely have my moments. Moments when I think people are selfish, rude and useless at their job (think estate agents here!). Anyway, this woman today, well she was SO amazingly and unexpectedly friendly. She brightened my day. It was truly wonderful. I find that when you meet someone like that, it gives you hope. Hope that there are some truly amazing human beings out there - you just don’t know about them because idiots make more noise.

Ever felt that way yourself?

Ps I also found this blog recently which I am loving this afternoon!! What, did anyone mention work?! ;-)

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Rachel said...

It's lovely when you have moments like that. Oh and isn't checkoutgirl fab? It's inspired me so much, I just want to go and buy tons of felt in every colour!