Monday, 17 August 2009

Plums and bees

Well, it's Monday again, and so much has happened since I last blogged! My mum has now gone back home, so the flat does feel a little empty... We did have a great time though. She was away on Thursday/ Friday with a friend, so I made the most of it and went to pick some more cherry plums, this time to make a nice tart. So simple yet soooooo tasty!!! I'm determined to go back and get some more to make more jam, I just can't let it go to waste!!

Saturday we spent some time in Bedford and had a lovely stroll along the river. This photo summarises it pretty well, except that there were a lot more swans than fishermen!

After that, we went lavender picking here. It was truly amazing, simply stunning views! I also had to work really hard not to get freaked out by the millions of bees around! Just had to keep telling myself they were more interested in the flowers than in my chubby little arms... Couldn't resist taking lots of photos, so here's a small selection.
I'm afraid they are now closed for the year, so if you fancy a trip, you'll have to wait until next June. The shop stays open though, so you can buy some dried lavender or scented shower gel.
And in between all that, and taking mum back to the airport, I did manade to squeeze in an hour of knitting in the sun!! Bliss!!!
This is the start of a baktus scarf. I fell in love with it when I saw it on this blog so I just had to make one for myself! I was completely taken by the lovely blue and white stripes, but when I got to the yarn shop on Friday, I must admit I wasn't so sure anymore! There were so many pretty greys, I got distracted for a while. But I came back to the creme and blue and I'm very happy with it. So here we come, many knitting commutes to come! But I think I might make a white and grey one for a lucky person at christmas!


Janet said...

Hi hope this doesn't come up twice, I don't think did it right first time!
Thanks for the name of the book, I will have a look for it. Love your pics, bet it smelt lovely in those lavender fields.
Good luck with the new scarf pattern:-)

Fancy Elastic said...

look, it's my scarf!! That made me laugh! Are you enjoying knitting it?

And, I want all that lavender! I bet your house smells lovely right now.