Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Baby booties

Today's Wednesday. Don't know why, but feels like it should be Thursday... One of those days I guess!! I'm having a hard time at work at the moment, so we treated ourselves to a curry last night. Not exactly the best move considering how little I've been going to the gym recently (honestly I can feel my cheeks getting chubbier by the day!) but goodness me was it like a taste of heaven!! Curry has to be one of my favourite foods ever, and the hotter the better!

Anyway, I didn't come here to start talking about curry! I wanted to share a little bit of my knitting with you. Earlier this summer I was told that one of my relatives was expecting, so I jumped on the chance to make these little cute things. Before I go on about them, I must thank Saartje for sharing this great pattern on Ravelry. I'm ever so grateful! So here's the first pair I made. As I wasn't sure if it was going to be a girl or a boy when I started I choose 'neutral' colours that would hopefully suit either. I completely fell in love with the mother of pearl buttons.

The second pair I made for someone else in my family. I knew from the start it was going to be a little boy, and since the dad is mad for football (not in the hooligan way, he's a children's football coach!) I thought this would be appropriate:

What do you reckon? I'm waiting for another baby to come along so I've got an excuse to make some more!!

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Simone said...

Hello! I just found your blog through Racheal Rabbits blog! I think the booties are adorable and will be very well received. Lovely colour combinations and lovely designs too!