Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Internet restrictions :-(

Hello! I'm having to spend three days this week at another office where the access to blogs is forbidden. I am NOT happy!!! It sounds a little pathetic, but honestly, I have a million and one things I want to write about! First of all, I'd like to thank you for your lovely posts, they've put a massive smile on my face! I can't believe how kind random strangers can be, it's astonishing. Actually no, it's fan-tas-tic!

Thanks for your advice on blocking, I'll try it out this weekend when I have a little more time. Or maybe on Friday after work (I'll have the place to myself while boyfriend goes to the football - hooray!). I'll let you know how it works out.

Now for the news. I am officially starting as a French teacher. To my boyfriend that is. I'm not a teacher by training, but I am French, so hopefully that'll help. On the other hand, he's a typical Englishman in the sense that languages aren't his forte... Wish me luck! I have been told and I quote "I know what you're like, don't let it go to your head!" - who, moi?!!!! No way ;-) Unfortunately we'll have to start with the boring bits, like grammar and tenses, and work hard on the oh-so-very difficult pronounciation. Who would have thought "r" is hard to pronounce??!

And finally, back to the mirabelle plums. If there are any specialists out there, I'd like to apologise, I got a little mixed up. The photo I took was of (unripe) cherry plums, not mirabelles (pictured below). I realised there were two different types when I went back to have a look at them on Monday evening. Only to realise there are about five mature cherry plum trees, and one little mirabelle one in the middle! The cherry plums are still all green (but will turn red), however the mirabelles have already turned yellow. So I picked a few and made a little batch of jam today!!! Can't wait to try it out! Would tomorrow morning for breakfast be a little early/ greedy?!


Janet said...

Hi Lou, thanks for your message, think i have corrected my .com mistake now! Oops!
Yes i love the scarf, and i would like more info about the pattern if you can get it. Thank you

By the way, that plum jam looks delicious, hope you enjoy it!

Fancy Elastic said...

Hi Lou,

Thanks for your comment. My scarf is following the baktus pattern, found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/norwayneedles/2963651011/ More details on the yarn I used (if you are interested!) are on my blog or full details on ravelry (fancyelastic).

And good luck with teaching a language to that Englishman of yours... I'm afraid I am english and am fully aware that I only speak english!


monica said...

hey, how is it going with the French lessons? my husband is English too and his Italian is terrible... but we've never done any proper lesson. My fault I suppose. The boys are much better at it and can't understand why daddy can't speak Italian!!

Lou said...

Hi! Well we had our first lesson on Wednesday and it went surprisingly well! Had various things going on to keep him interested, and the all important chocolate biscuits afterwards for reward!! He does give up quite easily so it's not an easy task but I'm holding on! So you're Italian then? Can't believe your husband can't speak it! It's a lot easier for children obviously but it should encourage him to try harder!