Friday, 17 July 2009

First post

Good evening everyone!

Well, this is it, my very first post on my first ever blog! Very exciting :-) I decided to start this after being left truly inspired by some of the blogs I've listed in the right hand side column. Don't get me wrong, my intention isn't to be 'inspiring' to others, I don't think I can achieve that, but I do hope you find it interesting! Unlike many of the blogs I've been following lately, I don't have any children, I don't have pets, I don't have a garden in which to grow lush fruit and veg, actually I don't even have a balcony!! But I do enjoy all things crafty, have a passion for food, and I hope this transpires in my blog. I hope you enjoy it! Talking about food, here's what I made last night:

I got lots of carrots at the market last week (one of those £1 bowls), and as I didn't really know what to make with so many carrots, carrot cake was my easy answer! I slightly modified a recipe I found on the Good Food website, and it turned out really tasty! Yum!

Good night!

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Ali said...

Welcome to blogland - that looks a mighty tasty cake!