Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quick crochet

I've been teasing you with this for a few days now, and here's the time for a big reveal! Well a little one really, because this project is rather quite small... but very useful nonetheless!!

Father Christmas was rather generous you see, and he brought me a new fancy phone this year... and fancy phone = new cover, because I'm taking no risks with this baby. So I whipped this up in no time, with a little leftover yarn I had lying around.

Nothing fancy, just a practical phone cover. Does what it says on the tin pretty much. Rows of double crochet, a neat little trim a la Attic24, and bob's your uncle.

I'm rather pleased with this one. It's nice and soft, and very snug. Lovely!



girls who like to gorge said...

Ohhh that looks fab!! xxx

The Girl said...

Oh it's so lovely and cute. Love the little button fastening too.

Very classy.

Deco Cat said...

Oh I might make one for myself as I am always scratching my phone!