Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello twenty twelve

It’s the 5th January 2012. How did this even happen. Christmas came and went in a flash, and so did our new year celebrations. It’s Day 3 of being back at work and I just wish we could go back 10 days. Oh yes it was crazy. Hosting Christmas lunch is not an easy task when you live in a small house, have limited working surfaces, and are a manic perfectionist. The last point especially might keep you up all night (not that it did really, I’m too much of a sleeping monster beauty for that).

Christmas was a resounding success and I’m ever so pleased everyone had a good time. I’m even more pleased my nan could make it and was able to enjoy our new home, our first house. I only wish my granddad was still around to join in the fun. Ah, life…

Since then, we have enjoyed time in the house on our own and it’s been so lovely. Mr PF was back at work last week and I spent my time doing house chores. Boring at times, but oh so necessary. Necessary so that when we both eventually went back to work, we wouldn’t have a mountain of ironing to face or all those niggly little things that needed doing. Sewing was done, a curtain was shortened, a futon cover was placed. I now have a new list of things that need doing in the house, but these are items that can be addressed this year, in 2012. No rush.

New year celebrations were enjoyed in Kent, not far from the coast. We did intend to stay by the sea, but a rather disappointing b&b let us down and we decided to pack our bags and find something better. We’ve had such encounters before, but we’ve grown up since, and we have the courage to pack up and go. It was a blessing in disguise really, because we ended up spending a wonderful couple of days in Canterbury. Huge tasty breakfasts, relaxing walks in town, cultural visits, yummy dinners.

A good start to the year it was. Fun and relaxing. I feel loved and that’s an amazing thing to have. This year is going to be a good one, I can feel it. I’m not one for resolutions, but I do like to have grand ideas to live by (listen to me, I sound like a right prat now). So what do I want in 2012? Lots of good times, happy times. Fun to be had at a couple of concerts lined up already, a trip to a good friend in Switzerland, a possible visit to family over in the States, the London Olympics, the wedding of one of my best friends. I want this year to be full of joy, stress-free, content. I would like to get stuck in the garden, make things grow, and possibly even eat the fruits of my labour.

Finally, a happy new year to all of you. I wish you all the best and all that you hope for. Thank you again for being there and reading Petit Filoux. It’s a place which forces me to stop and think. I love writing and this place does allow me to do so now and again (when I have the time!). It encourages me to record all these little daily things which make our lives rich and beautiful. Being a glass half empty kind of person, this is incredibly important. So here’s to 2012 xx


Alex said...

Happy new year and enjoy 2012

mooncalf said...

And a happy new year to you too! Good times :)

Clare said...

Happy New Year to you and Mr PF too!
Take Care